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    Thread: Does uk Football website 'First Row' work in Oz?

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      Quote Originally Posted by trevorpayne View Post
      Never implied anyone was being rude or impolite.
      Just saying certain posts don't need constant policing.
      I understand and agree if it was not for the likes of yourself and other mods the site would not be anywhere near as good as it is.
      Personally I think monitoring in the back ground would be best on some occasions.
      Sorry for any offence I could of worded my previous post better.
      Thank you.

      I wasn't policing this thread, that was never my intent. I just read it and thought it might help if I explained a bit about trolling :) I didn't wade in saying people had to stop discussing the topic or it was wrong to talk about it or anything like that. That to me would have been policing it. I just explained a bit about what trolling is considered to be on this forum. That I did so in the thread wasn't to stir the pot or cause offence, just that it could perhaps help others understand a bit more about what trolling is felt to be.

      Every member on here has an opinion on what it is mods should do or not do. Being a mod you can't win no matter which way you go about doing things ;) I get that. Some will always feel you should handle things differently. There is no happy place where we are all content and agree so sometimes people do get miffed. I can't help that as each person is different, but I do appreciate both sides of the fence having sat in the fields either side of it :)

      Anyways, I'll leave it all here so as not to detract from the OP any more :) Apologies to the OP for sidetracking. Hopefully you'll find something that works for you so footy can be seen live :)
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      Blimmin' 'eck, I just got up and had a look to see if anyone on PIA had checked 'First Row' out for me, and found out a mini-war has been waging while I've been asleep!!

      Ooer, I certainly didn't mean to get anyone going off on one... and I'm sorry about that. (It's a bit like being up the pub here watching Man U v Chelsea on Sky!)

      But thanks anyway, to The Flynns for letting me know it works (my husband is dead chuffed).

      Foxtel's fine (altho you can't get all major UK/Euro/US etc matches in real-time), but it costs, and there's no charge for 'First Row', which works fine, despite a few niggles. We'll be watching our coppers for a while after we first get to Adelaide, so a bit of free-football will be a terrific boost for Bill when he knows his team's playing and can't watch it.

      Thanks also to other posters, for letting me know about the other sites. Much appreciated. We'll check them out, too.

      Wot a lark!!
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      Quote Originally Posted by The Flinns View Post
      I have Foxtel and Setanta!!!! But, as a Leeds United fan, I can sometimes only watch them on the net, as they are not being broadcast in Australia but are being broadcast live to other countries.
      Could get s season ticket for the price you paid for Foxtel AND Setanta

      Mind you as a Spurs fan i'd accept the return shot

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      Quote Originally Posted by snifter View Post
      FWIW, the forum rules define a troll as the following

      11. Trolling will not be tolerated. (For the purposes of this forum, a 'troll' is defined as someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages on the forum, or chat room, with the primary intent of provoking other users into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.

      I'd wonder that do you more mean someone is possibly plugging a suspect/dodgy site (that may or may not benefit them/their company), ie spam or advertising? I don't feel this thread was posted with that intent.

      Re the torrent sites - If it was me posting 'discouraging' them, I certainly wasn't doing so from a mod POV but a personal one. Not everything I post is as a mod ;) Same goes for other mods, they are entitled to post as themselves and not everything they post is automatically related to modding. Torrent sites are (sadly) illegal/dodgy and I simply try to advise on how people could get a legal option first. The Pirate Bay site (and others iirc) for those in the UK is now unavailable from a large number of internet providers as they have been forced to block the IP. Companies are taking legal action against many torrent sites and the impact is being felt in the UK. Although there are still ways round but people who download could probably be found as it were. I am thinking it won't be long before Australia also begins to feel the long arm of the law with regards to torrent sites.

      To the OP, those sites are usually well iffy. The streaming is generally illegal and often poor quality (ie if you enlarge the screen size the picture quality is dire) and can cut out at any time whenever they have to pull the plug on the stream, often at a crucial moment. And as has been said, you'd need decent speed to ensure you can view them. Personally I'd try to find a legal solution to watching the games and use sites like that as a last resort.
      You're quite right about trolling being a poor word for what I meant - had it been a first post I'd have thought it was an advert. I've no idea if you were the mod in the thread I referred to but whoever it was it was from a mod pov rather than a personal opinion (no idea why you feel the need to point out that mods are entitled to their opinion - nothing from me to suggest otherwise; I was modding sites probably before many mods on here had discovered a keybioard). I don't think you've policed this thread - and that's exactly the point I was making - the other thread was most definitely policed whereas this one has freely been able to discuss - and ask people to check out - a site which streams (which is something you describe as 'generally illegal').



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