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      Jelly Fish Stings


      Does anyone have any advice on how to avoid jellyfish stings. Last night my family and I went to the Beach and my son got stung badly on his back and arm. It was a bit of a shock for all of us and he was in alot of pain. At first we did not know what had happened, but then we guessed it was probably a jelly fish. We have only been here 3 weeks and because I panicked we went to the hospital at Noarlunga, who were great, very helpful and calming. Luckily they said he would be ok but it has now put us off going into the sea.

      Any info would be greatly received,

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      Oh your poor son, how horrible, sorry haven't got any advice on jelly fish but I think it would put me off the beach as well!!I really want a pool so I don't have to go into the sea!!!! hope you get some good advice.


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      most stingers require the hot water treatment - as hot as the skin can tolerate to help break down the poisonous protein if i recall what i learnt on first aid at surf beach first aid course....
      most jellyfish stings are less than or at worse a nettle sting which is enough to frighten kids / parents with little or no experience of the coastal environment....
      if in doubt never hesitate to approach a s.l.s.c. member who will sort you out or advice immediate hospital treatment - the letter being very rare and even rarer around south australian waters....
      in 7 months of surfing 3/4 times a week ive had a few light brushes as has my daughter who i told to shut up and go away as the kids all around on that day were obviously swimming amongst a small population of micro jellies.....
      ive even allowed a sting ray to swim around my legs at the lagoon at seaclife to proove to my kids they wont harm you intentionally....

      if in doubt go to hospital but usually it fear of the unkown - ive seen one 6 foot shark to date which made me pack up andgo home at henley - apparently locals only get worried when sharks are seen 3 metres plus !!!

      cracking day at middleton today - 25 degrees cool and a great day surfing with my kids - it was good to escape this horrible weather......

      p.s. peeing on jelly stings is a myth and the wuestion is wud you have done so anyway


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