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      Well, its now so real!!

      It's all starting to fit into place. The wife was offered a job yesterday and now we have a viewing on the house on tuesday. If all goes well we'll be in Adelaide around Feb/Mar 13. Can anyone recommend areas around the North East as the wife's job will be in a Hospital in Burnside. Advice on schools and things to do would be greatfully accepted too.

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      You can't go far wrong with any of the eastern suburbs to be honest. Pretty much all of them are nice areas and have good schools. Only thing is some of them can be a bit pricey for housing. As for schools check out the myschools website. This will give you information on the schools, including things like Naplan results (which are a bit like sats in the UK) and zones (catchment areas). Before we came over we asked my brother in law for a view on senior schools (he lives in Henley Beach), he asked around a bit and told us that Gelnunga, Marryatville and Adelaide High are considered the best senior schools in Adelaide, closely followed by Norwood Morialta. This is backed up by the Naplan results but I haven't been able to find anything on the year 12 results to see if it is still the case for these as well. Glenunga, Marryatville and Norwood Morialta are all in the eastern suburbs.

      As far as primary schools go you can't go far wrong with Burnside, Magil, Norwood, Linden Park, Marryatville, Glen Osmond and Stradbroke Primary schools. Again some of these are in areas that can be a bit pricey and some of them are zoned so you would need to check the zones on the myschool website. We live in Rostrevor because its a bit cheaper than a lot of the eastern suburbs, is still nice with lots of trees and part of it is in the zone for Norwood Morialta. My kids go to Stradbroke primary and are very happy there but whether Rostrevor is the right place for you would depend on what kind of area you are after.

      If you find that all the eastern suburbs look a bit pricey you could consider somewhere round the south of the city, or maybe further north. We ruled out a number of areas in the north east because they were in the zone for Charles Campletown High school and we did not want our kids going to this school. If you go a bit further north though Banksia Park senior looks like a good school and the areas in the zone for this school are nice as well. We ruled them out on the basis that it was a bit far from the city and my mother in law. I can't rally comment on the areas just south of the city as ai don't know them as well.

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      Other state high schools in the north east that have good reputations are Golden Grove High and Modbury High. Also there is a wide choice of private schools ranging throughout the price scale in the area, if you decide to go that way. Don't forget lots of private schools also offer scholarships, and partial scholarships, in areas such as sport, music, academics etc which brings the prices way down. For things to do, have a look at www.northeast.net.au which has lists of sports clubs and other activities in the area. There is a great library at Tea Tree Gully which runs a range of activities, offers free internet access etc.
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