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      Weather at Adelaide?

      Hi All,

      Please tell me how will be the weather at Adelaide?

      We have got the 190 visa grant recently :) and I am planning to land there in the month of Feb 2013 and family will join in May.
      Please advise us what sort of clothing we may need to carry for summer and winter?
      In winter do we need to bring sets of warmers for each of the family members? or is that OK if we don't have also? or can we afford
      them in Adelaide initially?
      How would be the costs of formal dresses for women if I miss out something to bring from India?

      I am very much in confusion for packing things. Hence please suggest me positively.

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      Summers here can get up to 40C, but it's not that hot all the time and you can get days where it doesn't get above 20C. Spring and autumn are less hot than summer but you can still get temperatures of up to 30C. Winters are realtively mild during the day and if it is sunny then it can feel quite pleasent. We arrived in July and my kids haven't worn coats since we got here except for the rain, but they were used to UK weather. Having said that though it can get cold in the evenings and overnight and the houses here are not very well insulated so they get cold inside. You will probably need some kind of warm clothing but it is possible to buy stuff pretty cheaply here in places like K-mart and Target. I got a big fluffy dressing gown from K-mart for about $20 when we first got here and used to wear that over my clothes in the evenings to keep warm (inside).

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      I am a bit surprised you have applied for a Visa and not researched this info beforehand, what happens if you find the climate is not what you would like?

      The temp varies tremendously anyway, from the hills to the plains, near the beach etc. So I may say its 38 degrees but my friends up in the hills (5mins away) could have 32.



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