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    Thread: Christmas in Oz with 3 children.

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      Quote Originally Posted by SallyinOz View Post
      We are arriving in Adelaide for a visit on the 11th of Dec too - I have 4 children ranging from 9 to 20 months, I have my bags packed as I never put away our summer clothes as we never even got to wear them much this summer. My two older ones are looking for specific toys so I have them bought and packed in the suitcases - Will I be stopped in customs with brand new packaged electronic toys?
      For the two smaller ones I was hoping to get something in Adelaide before the big day,
      We will be arriving late at night on the 11th of Dec. We are staying till the 10th of Jan and are really hoping to convince ourselves and the kids that this would be a good move for all of us.
      Can someone tell me what date the schools will close for Summer Holidays? Would they let our two older ones have a look around the school ? We are staying in the Marion aera of Adelaide.
      I would love to meet up with some of you that have made the move and are happy or have advice or chat even. (We are not poms tho we are from Laois in Ireland)
      Sally x

      The public schools finish on the 14th December and they would be happy for your kids to come in for a visit. This happens all the time. What schools are you thinking of as I don't live too far from there?

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      Hi Shelle.

      We have been here for 6 months and so far so all is good we have two young boys 4 and 2 and its our first Christmas here too would love to meet up and help with what we can the toy shops are just like the uk a kids dream so don't worry about gifts.
      If we can help with anything let us know i will pm you my mobile number if you fancy meeting up.

      Good luck and a safe journey.

      Dean, Gill, Jayden, And Harley.

      Quote Originally Posted by jakeandshelley View Post
      Hi, we will be arriving in Adelaide on 11th of December with 3 young children, 7, 4 and 5 months. I'm worrying about Christmas!! We want to give them a good Christmas, they are still young so still believe in Santa, what are the toy shops like? Already the kids are talking about what they want, we were going to do all our shopping once we arrive so wondering if anyone has advice for us?

      Also, are there restaurants etc open on Xmas day, we usually go out for Christmas dinner to a Chinese with our family, going to be very different this year!!!


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      Hi Sally,

      We have been here 6 months now and are fast approaching our 1st christmas here!! The schools break up on 17th December i think. When we arrived it was the school holidays but we had been in contact with the school prior to that and we phoned and went in to have a look and sign forms etc.
      Would be more than happy to meet up with you. Have 2 girls aged 10 & 12. PM me when you get here and we arrange something.

      We are not from England either, we are from the Channel Islands.

      Take care and have a safe journey.



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