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      Thanks for the info on bedding, yes, I was wondering whether it would be too tiring on the first day, but atleast its done! Ive read about the M&G service, I would like to be able to do that when we are settled.It would be nice to help out people in the same situation, and know how they are feeling.
      Laura x

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      Mark 03
      My advice is go to Melbourne or Sydney. I am a Garden Designer , came out five years ago and still stuggling after leaving UK. Adelaide although pop of 1m it is small, and established contacts mean all.The larger cities allow easier access into the market. Just because your husband is talented and successful in UK doesnt mean this will be so here. It takes time and a lot of effort to break in. Contact me at neweden@bigpond.com.au if you want to talk further. Mark


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