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      World Rugby 7'S Adelaide


      For those of you who like Rugby Union the Australian leg of the IRB Sevens World series comes to Adelaide next month http://www.adelaidesevens.com.au/ held at the Adelaide Oval over 2 days 5-6 April, this I can promise is a fantastic weekend for all the family, loads of entertainment on and off the pitch, last year was Adelaide's 1'st year of a 5 year contract and the city did not let it's self down,

      Get yourselves down there and support your favourite team you will not be disappointed,


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      I'd agree - get there if you can!:)

      My lot went last year and loved it...and we even put off a trip to Melbourne to accomodate it. One thing we won't be doing however, is missing the Showdown on the Sunday! Go Crows!

      Seriously, one of the thingsI love about the sport I've seen here is the good natured but wholehearted barracking. We've only seen one example of unpleasantness ( Port supporters showing off when West Coast were coming out to their bus last year; not nice for the littlies and not good for Adelaide)it's safe, not too expensive and fun. We've been to as many games as possible and would absolutely recommend the experience!



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