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    Thread: 10 weeks in & I know im home!

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      Well done, Paula! From your fb posts and this update it sounds like you are loving it just as much as we are!

      Love Lyn x
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      Hi All, it's so nice to read all these posts.

      We have been here almost 8 months now and we love it. Our life has changed so much and all or the better. We feel at home here and we are so glad we worked hard and made the move. We are having our first visitor in 5 weeks, my mum and she can not wait to come and spend time with us. I can not wait either.
      We have made some lovely friends and we do so much out doors as a family. Every weekend is jam packed and by Monday we are all exhausted. What a great way to live.

      Leeanne xx
      Leeanne 33, Rob 32 Refrigeration and Airconditioning Engineer, Callum 7, Emily 4. Fly to Adelaide 22nd April 2012. Living the dream. Feel settled and happy here. X

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      Where abouts are you staying Paula? Glad to hear it gets better. Been here 1w today and still feel so totally out of my depth its not funny. Loving the freedom but feel so tired all the time..hope it will pass soon. Started looking for a house today, not much available in the 4+ bedroomed at a decent price YIKES. Have no idea on where hubby and I are going to find work but ultimately I am in IT and he is in banking so probably city centre. Had a look at Flagstaff Hill today which was really nice, but pricey. Anyone got suggestions on a decent area with a decent commute to the city or outskirts? So far we have liked areas like flagstaff hill, Hallett Cove (think still a bit far from the city although not much further south than Flagstaff I know), fulham gardens. Did not like areas around Brighton although Somerton Park didn't look too bad, and wasn't too keen on linden park either..very expensive. Going to see Stirling and that side within the next day or two but don't want to go into the hills too much as my mother is with us, and she cannot take the cold at all and I know it gets cold in winter in the hills. We like more "leafy" areas if that makes any sense.

      On the language issue, haven't heard bloody or crap out of any mouths, all have been awesome, except for the chap we bought a car from, every second word was Jesus or Jesus Christ....and he was a Brit. My kids (12 and 6) were wide eyed the whole time. So different to the other guy we saw who was an Aussie...said "bummer" once and apologized immediately...guess it takes all sorts LOL.


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