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    Thread: Be Warned - TV & Enterainment business - Lonsdale Roda

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      Be Warned - TV & Enterainment business - Lonsdale Road

      Thought I would share my bad experience with you all, so that it doesn’t' happen to you:(

      Recently our Wii broke down, I went around the shops and found a replacement, in the meantime someone gave me a card for a local business on O'Sullivans Road. In good faith I went to this shop to see if the box could mended, sadly it couldn't, but I was advised the data could be transferred. The charge for this service would be $30. I thought this was a good idea so left the new box with him. The shop I brought the new box from said they could reload the old data for $20. But as the shop on O'sulivans Beach road had the original box and had already looked at the problem for me I left it with him.

      Little did I know that I was about to be ripped off:( when the bloke finally got round to moving the data over, he called me to say that it would now cost $40 as it took longer....This annoyed me, as I believe that if you agree a price you stick to it, he didn't call to advise me it would be more.....

      After an exchange of words I arranged for my OH to go and collect as I was so angry with this mans behavior....We have now got the new box and old box back only to find out that the data as promised has not been loaded on the system, only a few of the games.....Angry and hacked off is no way to describe how I feel right now.

      If I had known this would have happened I would have taken it the shop that I brought the new box from and upload the data for $20.

      Some of you may think I am making a racket about nothing, but it has upset my boys as they had worked so hard on making new players, etc on the games and now have to start from scratch...

      I just wanted to share this with you all, as I wouldn't wont others to have the same disappointment. This man is a joke, stay away...

      Thanks for reading

      Mrs M
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      Thanks for the warning , I would be the same way. Your word is your bond.
      Hate being mucked around.



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