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      Here is the link in case it can help anyone else out - http://www.woodcroftpark.com.au/

      We got quotes up to $700 a week from caravan parks but this one was $413 for similar standard and the lady I chatted to was lovely. Seems quite a few migrating families stay here.


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      ste n sasha
      hi lisa :D

      small world we arrive on the 6 may and are staying at the same place :D

      see you there :D

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      Hi Steve and Sash

      We are in site 83 so give us a knock and we will stick the kettle on :lol:

      Lisa :lol:

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      ste n sasha
      hi lisa :D

      great stuff will do :D

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      Quote Originally Posted by dglamoore
      Quote Originally Posted by Tyke
      Good for you Lisa.

      I drove through the Caravan Park the other day.Little Tyke knows the owner's son.

      I'll try and pass on a good word for you :-)
      8) hehe Tyke you are a man with many contacts :lol:

      Dawn is over the moon now she has seen the Roos so I really hope they put in an appearance or I will be in big trouble :roll:

      It does look nice and complete with outdoor BBQ area so feel some good evenings coming on :lol: Will pack some nice warm fleeces :D

      :) :)

      Once again I have driven through the park today.Little Tyke spent a few hours up there with the owner's son and friends.Instantly thought I should have taken my camera and taken some pics for you!!

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      Hi Lisa,

      I had a quick look at the caravan park you are going to, but it seemed expensive, how have you managed to get the price down, is it because you are block booking quite a few weeks? If so I might give them a try too.

      Jen :D

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      Tyke no doubt we will bump into Little Tyke at some point in our stay there :lol:

      Jen, the price on the website for a family unit is $485 but when we phoned and asked for 5 weeks she asked if we were migrating and quoted us a lower price of $413 ( I even double checked that this included linene as most of the others hire it by the day which really adds up unless you go and buy some). Lovely lady, very friendly and personal feel to the emails she has sent through confirming it all :D


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      Hi Lisa

      Sorry to hear you didn't get OAA but hey things happen for a reason as many others have mentioned, I'm a firm believer in this! Woodcroft Park looks like a really great place, we have also looked at this as an alternative if we don't get OAA, we've got just over 6 weeks before we leave Guernsey so should hear within the next 2 - 3 weeks if we have been lucky enough to get it, if not we might see you there!!

      Glad you're all sorted anyway, hope you're trip goes well - Good Luck!!

      Tracey :lol:

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      Hi Lisa

      I've posted on the other screen but just wanted to say well done & getting into Woodcroft, congratulations 8) sounds also like you are paying a reasonable price to 8)

      Not long now, good luck with closing the business this weekend, I am sure its quite an emotional time for you & Greg, best of luck. I'm sure it will be as successful in Adelaide :D


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      Hi Lisa and Greg,

      Your caravan Park looks really lovely and much better than OAA. Hope the move goes smoothly and let us all know how you are getting on when you arrive.

      Jan & Shane

      P.S. Still have not had my visa application acknowledged so I am hoping it has not got lost in a black hole. Austalian postal service confirmed it has been signed for the other end but had nothing. House is on the market so all very scary!!!


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