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    Thread: We're here...!! Now what to do for childcare?!

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      At the risk of sounding horribly rude and possibly off topic - why did you have two children relatively close together and then remove yourself from the support network you presumably had if neither of you wanted to be "full-time children's entertainers" (possibly otherwise known as parents)?

      Although as a little bit of help - I don't have children young enough to be in need of childcare (mine are 11, 10 & 7) but I have seen loads of groups offered - through the library, at local centres, and church playgroups. I'm sure there are hundreds of others out there but given that you've only been here a month I suggest you go to it slowly and work your way around getting to know your area.
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      Hi Fulvio
      I'm sorry that your wife is struggling, I think all us mums can agree that early motherhood can be a surprisingly isolating experience at the best of times, so I can only imagine how much harder it is during the early stages of being in a different country with no contacts, whilst hubby disappears all day to work!
      We are landing in Adelaide at the end of Feb, and forming networks is top of my priority as the mother of a tornado in a little boys body! I think meeting other mums with young kids is the way forward, especially if finding good childcare may take some time, as well as going to the play groups as the others have suggested, could your wife join the PIA forum, its the quickest way to make supportive contacts, well, I've been very lucky and have had great responses from lovely people to my posts. (thank you PIA folk!) I'd be happy to get in touch with your wife, emigration is a massive transition (even more so when bringing young children) and we really should all be supporting each other.


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