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      Ok Im joining in. I live here and I like it. It is pretty, the majority of houses are well kept ( except mine ATM). There are good transport links, 2 train stations. The beach IMO is the best beach for a walk and a paddle if you have littlies, it has the most beautiful stones, and the sunsets are glorious, ( i know you can see these any where).
      I only know that the schools for the young ones are good, I know plenty of people with littlies. I dont know much about the R-12 as my 2 didnt like it and they had the choice, within reason of which school they went ( being the age they were).
      We are getting the mall done up now, it has been in the pipe lines for over 17 yrs apparently, but will have 2 major food stores and my fav shop (get anything there) BigW!
      Plus 70 other shops so it wont be a small mall!
      It does get breezy where I am, but I wouldnt all it windy, I lived on the coast in the UK that was windy! I imagine HC heights is windy though as it must blow straight through there!

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      WOW I'm impressed

      So many people can't be wrong I'm definitely going to take a closer look when we get there, we are at the beginning of things and still need to sell our own property so it maybe a while but I like what I'm hearing, I use to live on Portland in Dorset so I'm no stranger to strong winds I remember when I lived there I once got a black eye from my car door getting caught by the wind and catching me in the face I don't know if its thats bad but I remained on the island for nearly eight years in all, it has its own charms.

      Still keep telling me more, what clubs are there for children swimming, horse-riding etc is it as expensive to ride over there as it is over here.:v_SPIN::v_SPIN::v_SPIN:


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