Hi all!

My name's Callie Watson and I'm a journalist at The Sunday Mail in Adelaide.
I'm looking for some help with a story and thought that Poms in Adelaide might be a good place to start!

My boss has asked me to speak to people from different nationalities who became Australian citizens during an Australia Day ceremony last year (2012). It's part of an Australia Day story for this Sunday's paper. I'd love to speak to someone from the UK who became a citizen at an Australia Day ceremony in 2012, find out a bit about how the past 12 months have gone- what's the best bit about being an Aussie citizen? How has your life changed since you became a citizen? What do you miss about home?

I'd love to speak to someone tomorrow (over the phone would be best) and also arrange for our photographer to get a photo of you tomorrow (Friday) or Saturday morning.

It's a positive story celebrating the diversity of Australia.

If you fit the bill, or know someone who does, please email me at callie.watson@news.com.au

Thanks in advance,