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    Thread: officially going home to adelaide :-D

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      officially going home to adelaide :-D

      Tomorrow we are going to book our tickets!!!!! July 1st with singapore airlines!!!! I can't wait!!!!! :-D by the time we leave we will have been in england for 3 years. Its definitely been an eye opener and a learning experience, a self discovery adventure and its now time to focus on where we want to be, what we want and to finally settle our family once and for all. now that we know what date we are going I can start organising and booking in everything that needs to be done. Most importantly is to get our daughter's citizenship recognised so we can get her an aussie passport. She was born here in 2011 whereas our 2 boys were born in Adelaide. Then got to sort out the rest of the cat,s pet passport. Shipping still to get quotes on. And will have to sell the car cos that's paying for the shipping lol I, m so excited :-) 5 more months, it'll probably drag but I hope it goes quick! Yay!!!! :-D
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      Fab news :)

      Citizenship by descent is really straightforward. We had our son's sorted within a few weeks of his birth and his BC being issued. Then his passport followed very soon after.

      Just make sure you have a day to go to London for all the form filling etc and a valid Aus passport to take with you. I think hubby booked a week or two in advance for that.

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      Nice to hear your story, I am married to an Adelaide bloke. I often dream about a return home. How did your stay in the uk go? Where are you returning to? How old are your kids? I have two and miss the grandparents etc.



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