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      Sold the House - subject to contract!

      Just wanted to share the our 1st bit of good news really (since our passport mess)...anyway.........here goes!

      We had 2 families wanted our house, they both put theirs on the market mid Jan 07. Forever the pessimist we did not want to market it, just didn't want to tempt fate really.

      Last week our visa was pre-granted (whatever that means but sounds promising ) when the passports are back the CO will grant the visa just hope we won't have to wait long.

      A week ago family A refused an offer but this week family B accepted an offer & came to see us giving us the FULL asking price on our house they want a few bits of furniture throwing in which I've thought about & decided to agree

      Their buyer has sold subject to contract so I think we have a total of 4 including us in the chain

      Still not really celebrated cause its early days but hey I wanted to share what feels like good news with everyone

      Just need to tell family A next week when they get back from their hols but it does look like they have missed out for now

      Thanks for listening & hopefully the next post will be that our visas been granted

      Angela (43), Ashley (45), Bradley (17), Thomas (13) & Max our Spoodle (6) Visa Process 23/10/06 - granted 27/04/07. Now permanent residents as of Sept 09.
      Arrived 6th Sept 07 Living in Onkaparinga Hills. Building a new home 2014 Hallett Cove with Rivergum 2 Story & views back / front :D
      AGS Painting & Decorating PM me or email agspainting@adam.com.au

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      Angela great news on the house and no estate agent fees you lucky thing! With any luck you will have your visa through and can start booking dates soon too :lol:


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      Well done on your sale Angela, its a real weight of your mind when the house sells isn't it, but also makes you think "oh my god we're really going!"

      Jen :D

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      good on ya mate. best of luck on the move

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      Great stuff Angela.

      Fingers crossed all else goes smoothly now. :D :D

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      Good Luck Angela.

      Hope all goes well.

      We are tempting fate, and putting our house up for sale once of SA Sponsorship comes through (just applied yesterday).

      Buty hey, one has to take some risks. :shock:

      Good luck with the move.

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      Thats great news. Its all so real now :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

      That stage is a long way off for us but can imagine the excitement. :D

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      Hi Angela

      Congratulations on the house sale. Looks like you may be out before September at this rate.

      PM me if you fancy a meet up over the hols


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      house sale and visa.

      hi ange an ash. its stu and fi , sorry been offline for a while, real busy im sure you know all about that.. thanks again for your e.mail it was very helpfull and things are lookin up at last. were are so chuffed for yooz, only one thing though when you get there ... and you will get there... dont be too long in getting online again, there are a lot of hopefull people out here (*including us) that may benifit from your trails . this is one promise im going to make when ...god willing we get there ,is too stay on this site from time to time and share all my knoledge...and im sure learning. anyway ash will havetoo put a word in for me at some point! haa haa. god love yaz an uz too. seeya and have a good life.



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