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      Does my daughter need a passport?

      Was wondering if i need to renew my daughters UK passport. Just got tickets to see 1 Direction in Sydney but although my UK passport is still valid, my daughters expired last week. What ID can she take? She's only 10 so do i need to take her birth certificate? Don't want to apply for a UK passport because they're so expensive to do over here and we're going for citizenship in December so intend to get her an Aussie one then.
      Just want to check BEFORE our trip gets too close. Thanks everyone.

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      hi Tracy :)
      not sure who your flying with but qantas say this....

      Forms of Identification
      Domestic Flights within Australia

      Identification required for passengers aged under 18 without acceptable forms of identification:
      Children and Infants travelling with an adult:
      the accompanying adult must write the full name of the child on the reverse of the adult's boarding pass, so that the minor can be linked to the accompanying adult and their identification.

      so sounds like she wouldnt need anything if you are with her



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