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      alan smallman

      Clothing - Casual Wear costs?

      Hi. Don't Know if this is the correct place to place a thread regarding cost of clothing? Five weeks to go and we're getting ready to come over for our reccy. We've started to think about what clothes to take, and then it occurred to us that it maybe cheaper to buy them over there. Is it cheaper to buy items such as this over in OZ or are prices similar to UK? For instance, a pair of Levi jeans can knock you back anything from 50 - 65 here. Also, what's the weather like at the moment?

      Many thanks
      Alan & Pauline

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      Hi there,

      Can't answer your questions, I'm afraid as we are not yet in Australia but hope to be within the next couple of months! Needless to say, we were wondering the same things as you. We don't know whether or not to ditch most of the clothes we have here and buy new ones when we get out there. I'm sure someone will be able to tell us!

      Sarah and John

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      It would depend if you are a lable freak, I would never consider spending ove $100 on a pair of jeans. Bought mine in Big W $30. they are blue and denim!
      There is target and K mart who also sell reasonable clothes, but there are the designer shops too, cant tell you how they are priced dont often go in them. I was a primark/matalan girl in the UK, find the above 3 shops around the same but just alittle more expensive.
      hope that helps
      ps bring loads of underwear I think that is expensive

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      not sure about levi jeans, had them in the uk but as they were at end of life thought I would get new ones here, I got caught out by the change in weather after stocking up on shorts for the heatwave, so popped into k mart Sunday for some jeans, $15 reduced from $20!!
      i'm a k mart man now !:D


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      Bring all your clothes, you can always ditch them when you get here if you find you dont want them anymore but it is all the restocking of little things that eat into your money. Levis can cost $90 up, but you can get some good bargains on surfie gear. Trims in King William st, down past Victoria Square in town sells the cheapest Levis.
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      alan smallman
      Sarah & John

      We'll let you know when we get back!! many Thaks for your reply!


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      alan smallman
      Sarah & Ian

      Thanks for the info. Pauline is a Primark customer (though we have to travel to Lincoln to go there).
      Many Thanks for your reply.


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      alan smallman
      Rachael you are a mine of information - a real find!! Thank you for you reply.




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