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    Thread: A thread for people who have came over in the last year to tell their story's f

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      I had an odd route to Adelaide.

      Came here on 176, but couldn't find work, so I looked elsewhere and got a job in Sydney.

      18 months later, got a promotion to be the new state general manager for south Australia. So have now moved back, bought a house and settling in to where we thought we would be.

      Market here is tough, local knowledge is a big plus point, and it is tricky to get that foothold in the job market.

      That said, we (me and my company) are fairly optimistic that SA is not going to get much worse and when the economy gets going properly in 2015/6 it will be a good place to be.
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      Quote Originally Posted by Cadas View Post
      Market here is tough, local knowledge is a big plus point, and it is tricky to get that foothold in the job market.

      That said, we (me and my company) are fairly optimistic that SA is not going to get much worse and when the economy gets going properly in 2015/6 it will be a good place to be.
      Yeah, I'd say that sounds fair.

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      we came out in Sept 2011,mum,step dad, then 22,18 and 15 year old boys.
      since arriving have had some huge ups and huge downs, biggest down being the 18yr old returning to UK and biggest up buying our own house in Seacombe Heights with amazing sea/city views.
      would i recommend it...yes def..we both struggled to get work initially, tho both landed casual temp work quite quickly, but are both now in full time perm employment. It is dearer here but like others have said, we live okay, you just have to learn what is important to you, and ours is the quality family time we have, which often involves a walk with the dog on the beach followed by a coffee at the end...a very cheap but fulfilling afternoon spent!
      i am very proud of how we have made it work here as it def isnt easy, spec initially, and of how the boys have settled. If im honest i do worry about the youngest and employmeny when he finishes school, but im sure that would be the case if were still in UK.
      we came with no jobs,had been to Australia but not Adelaide and maybe we have been lucky, but i do believe you get out what you put in.
      Good luck to all about to jump!
      Visa granted 12/04/2011 - Flights booked for 31st August 2011
      Touchdown in Adelaide on 2nd September 2011 -
      let the fun begin!!

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      It's early days still for us still - our second month of living in Adelaide. It's been mainly ups and a few downs for us so far. We have both secured permanent full time jobs (after a major false start for me with a retracted offer). My job is in my specific field and skills set (which we got the visa based on) which is Project Management, my husband has managed to do exactly as he planned which was to get away from the finance sector and into Travel and Tourism, he has landed a job with Flight Centre.

      Based on other threads (ahem!) I feel rather guilty even mentioning that we have had success with jobs so quickly - but our experience has been that if you throw yourself out there, positively and enthusiastically then you get a good response. My other half literally blitzed agencies and SEEK for a week or so and off the back of that spent the following week in and out of interviews (3 in one day was the most). He was called back for 2nd interviews on a couple, including the flight centre one, and offered a couple at the end of the week. Sure - the ones he turned down were for cold call selling, but they would have bought a wage in if needs be.

      I was less proactive in applying and more choosy about what I went for, but found Talent International were a fab agency for me and my skill set, they did all the work finding me the job I ultimately got (which was a higher wage and better post than the lower level PM support role I originally applied for).

      We have had no incidents of any kind of negative attitude or bias against us for not being Aussie and aside from my first false start it has all been supportive and encouraging. I am aware (you couldn't not be on this forum) that this has not been the experience of everybody and also that many people say you can suddenly lose jobs - I do figure that luck plays a part but also believe that a positive mental attitude is also key.

      We have also been lucky with rental property - adored the first place we saw (ticked all the boxes, right location, size, rent) but assumed (based on research and experiences on here) that we would not get it. Turned out no one else from the open viewing applied and despite not a huge amount of cash in the bank our two job offers sufficed (alongside tons of positive references) to secure the property, we cannot wait to pick up the keys at the end of the month and properly start to settle.

      For us we are loving it so far and believe this is the best move we could have made based on prospects in the UK. That's not to say its not hard adjusting to being so far away from friends and family - but for us right now it's all good.

      Thanks the bacons for starting a positive thread.
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      Visited with husband: April 2011, decision to move made: May 2011, VISA GRANTED 05/03/12 - arrived 28/03/13!


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