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      If you can get hold of it still, there is abook for girls (fiction) called New Patches for OLd by Christobel Mattingley. It was last printed in the 80s, but there are copies floating around on the net and I have one somewhere. Anyways it's about a 13 yrold girl who doesn't want to leave her friends, grandparents,dog house etc to move to Australia to follow her father's dream. This book is set in Adelaide and some bits are recognisable such as Elder Pk and the museum. Here is the blurb I filched from a website.....

      Why should Patricia like Australia
      when her new life there seems
      so miserable?
      It's not easy for Patricia Morgan, fresh
      from England, to turn into an Australian
      girl overnight. Even a patched school
      uniform and a rented pre-fab for a home
      wouldn't be so bad if only there were
      friends to help. She longs for her dog, her
      grandparents and the friends she left
      behind. Will she ever feel at home in this
      unfamiliar country?

      It was written when people still had those round black things with a hole in the middle, which needed a box and a needle to play and these are mentioned in the book. It's not a bad read.

      The only other one I can think of is called Winter Sparrows an autobiography about a Scottish girl who moves to Oz in the 50s.

      Just thought you might be interested.
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      Thanks Rachel,
      I'll try and get hold of it. I just hope it's a happy ending!!
      Laura x

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      Hi Rachel,
      Me again, Iv'e looked on amazon, only one called First Friend, have to look somewhere else.

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      jill wright
      This takes me back I remember reading this as a teenager back in the eighties but couldn't remember the title. thanks for refreshing my memory will try and get hold of a copy for my daughter

      Jill x


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