Anyone seen today's paper (23/6/13)? The story of the whingeing poms has filled a double page spread again, along with plenty of letters in the opinion page.

There is a couple of poms originally from Hull featured in the article who gave another side to the story and offered their help and advice, but it appears it was ignored by the 'cordial couple'. They reckon they only lasted a fortnight in Adelaide and not 2 months, makes it even more of a joke!!

What makes my blood boil is it says the hotel in the city they were staying at was paid for by the recruitment company who had employed the woman. So it would appear that she had a job to come to as a Recruitment Consultant and obviously an income coming in as soon as they arrived and on arrival accommodation paid for - how ungrateful.

I would be interested to know what visa she came in on. If it was a 457 visa, I would have to ask the question why a recruitment company has the need to sponsor a recruitment consultant from the UK, when I know there are plenty of recruiters looking for work that have been made redundant and a lot of these are from recruitment agencies.