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      Good to hear you guys arrived back home safely, hope you've managed to finish the turkey and Kelvin's hand (and hangover) are on the mend, look foward to your return in early 09, take care and speak soon,

      Guzzler & Sas

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      :)Hi Guys , great news about Adelaide and have to agree about Guzzler & Sas's hospitality & rentel , glad you enjoyed Adelaide and what it had to offer , and have to agree with you, Cheers Gra & jac

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      Hi Guys,

      Sounds like you had a fab time. Glad you enjoyed it.
      Your post was really positive and nice to read.

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      jill wright

      Thanks for taking the time to post such an informative and long post. Really encouraging for us folks waiting for visas espeicially people like us who are taking the plunge with no reccie.


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      Hi Kiki,

      Glad u went and found it as good as you had hoped. Sounded like you got alot done while you was there and got to see what you wanted. Bet you cant wait to get there now and move into the new house. Great read in the post and glad it was all you had hoped for
      Ian, Rachel, Harry 16 & Georgia 13

      Arrived in Adelaide 14th June 2008

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      Quote Originally Posted by soggy View Post
      great to here you enjoyed your trip, bet you can't wait to get back.
      in aus how they pronounce place names and how we would pronounce them are oftern completely different, makes asking for directions fun.:)

      That reminds me of when I worked on directory enquiries. The Americans often came up with some interesting pronunciations. One chap asked for a number in "looga-barooga". It turned out he was trying to pronounce Loughborough.

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      Thanks everyone from your comments.

      You are right I really cant wait till Jan 09. Its really frustrating having our house there and us been here. But we still have to sell our house in England and the market is still slow.

      So Im trying to focus and all the lasts we will be having, last birthdays, last Christmases etc. And intend to shop up a storm in the summer sales. Clothes dont seem that great and they are quite pricey. For example a basic pair of joggy bottoms for my 7 year old from Asda were £4.00 and there a similar pair were £19.99 in Target. Underware for kids seems pricy as well. Didnt really look at Adult clothes except its all quite casual. Not so sure i will take up on the trend of joggy bottoms and a jumper at the shopping centers look though maybe a little too casual for my tastes. lol.

      We will ship eveything we can possibly fit into a container as why buy if we already have it in good working order. i did notice you could get some good prices in the sales. They are always sending out offer catalogues in the mail so its easy to see where the bargains are.

      Thanks again

      Kimberley x

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      Hi guys
      Glad you had a great time - enjoyed meeting you all too.

      You say that now Kimberly about joggers bottoms, wait until you are here, you soon get used to it. Yesterday I nipped down the bottle shop because we had run out of wine - outrageous! in my slippers! You soon climatise!

      Good luck for now

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      The Pottertons
      Hi Kimberley, great post, hope you dont mind but ive pm'd you. Will take your advice on hitting the sales- well i need no encouragement really!!! Yvonne

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      adelaide reccie

      :Dhiya kiki just read your entry of your reccie visit to adelaide, and we have to agree it really does sound nice. we were,nt fortunate to go on a reccie visit as everything seems to have moved fairly quickly. we lodged our visa application on aug,10, 07, then we were granted the visa,s on 17 march this year. we sold our house back in nov,07 since living in rented accomadation. booked our flights for the 29, july08 can,t wait as you can immagine.
      you,ve painted a very good picture of adelaide in your stay there, we have 3 teenage kids 2 girls and a lad and we were thinking maybe it would be in our best interest to rent a property within fairly easy reach of the city centre as i think the outer lying areas maybe a bit quiet for the kids you know, could you maybe shine any light on this as to what you experienced whilst over there. i do understand that on the whole no matter where we choose to live its going to be a big improvement on damp old south shields.
      just up the road from you i think in durham, the flights we are on leave durham tees valley airport as well like. did you get a feel for the overall availailitie of the rental accomadation whilst over there too. thanks..kiki.


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