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    Thread: Gas/Electric bill this quarter

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      Quote Originally Posted by Andronica View Post
      We are a family of four with 3 at work all day & 1 at school, we also live in a 2 storey house & have an 11m pool. Our supplier is AGL for both gas & electric and we are on 14% discount.
      This quaters electric bill $1768.80
      This quarters gas bill $844.65

      This quaters bills are horrendous & electric especially has increased dramatically since this time last year
      OMG!!! I think thats the highest I have heard. Must be connected to the pool equipment surely?

      I have to say I think ours would be much higher if we put the heating on more. Instead I am sitting here with two jumpers and a blanket to keep warm :- (
      Robert and Sarah
      Oliver (10), Alexander (6) and Nathaniel (4)

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      Quote Originally Posted by mactac View Post
      John gets solar panels put on his roof
      Gets $500 credit instead of a bill.
      He already earns a good wage.
      John is happy that solar will save him money to
      buy that new boat. (fair enough).

      Mary rents, she can not afford a house.
      Mary's landlord has no interest in getting solar panels for her small apartment.
      After all no benefit to him/her the landlord.
      Mary gets a bill for $500. Even though she is on low wages
      Mary cannot afford to take the kids out for the weekend.

      The more Johns there are ..... the more credit will need to be paid to them.
      Mean while the power company still needs to employ workers, maintain the grid and pay shareholders. (GGG is not going to that)
      The more Mary will have to pay on her bill. It will get worse for Mary .... not better.

      Peter the director CEO of power company reports to his shareholders
      all expecting a dividend and increase in their investment.

      This really is quite a stupid system and is going to lead to trouble down the road.
      For John and Mary. Because inequality in society of this sort will come
      back to bite everyone on the backside, big time.

      I think I might leave this state as soon as I can.
      You forgot to mention that the subsidy paid towards installing solar panels ($2000>$3500) now comes from the power companies... i.e. those who pay for power - so Mary better have deep pockets. :P

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      Electric - $201

      Not received gas yet!
      If you wanna a beer....PM me

      Daniel, 31 and Stephanie, 30, Arrived 30th April 2008 and LOVING IT!!!


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