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      How sad to think that British kids are now the troublemakers, I hope that Ozzie life chills them out and the parents can try to educate the kids on why they don't need to be uptight and stressed, lets hope that OZ changes the kids and not the other way round, like you said it would be a bad thing to export!!
      I want my kids to grow up when they are ready, hell I've tried to cling onto my youth, but who said enjoying life is childish? if i want to surf when i'm 55 that's what I'll do!!

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      The Pottertons
      Thanks for all the replies guys, its really interesting to hear all your views. Im really glad that the aussie childhood lasts for so much longer as we do grow up far too quickly here. There was a report published a few years ago about british childhood and the fact that they are supervised at all times by a responsible adult. That kids that were never responsible for their own wellbeing or safety or able to forge relationships with their peers without adults present meant that they suffered in later life with social situations, common sense and being able to lead a responsible existence when the apron strings were finally cut. This has led to increases in psychological problems such as anxiety disorders and confidence and self esteem issues. This really scared me actually, more so than the much smaller potential threat of paedophiles or child abductors. Its so good to see that the majority of you all allow your kids that bit of freedom and i cant wait to join you all in the clock watching, waiting for them to walk in the door!!!:) yvonne

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      Hi there all, As with a lot of you parents i imagine the prospect of a better childhood for our kids is a big motivating factor to migrating- So how does the cotton wool kid generation of the U.K compare with the typical childhood in Oz. Do you feel safe enough to let your kids go out to play, walk or cycle to school etc. Im really keen for my children to have a childhood like mine where we could go out and play and not be stuck in front of the tv or computer! Any thoughts would be gratefully appreciated, Thanks
      From what we saw last year the kids were playing in the parks more.Not much on the streets but lets be honest the beach was 5 mins away!!!!
      Plenty of families were having pic nics on the main grass verges in Glenelg on the weekends.Which was great to see such sights,kids and their parents having a great day in the sun.
      And the parents and kids on their bikes on the beach roads,if not cycling,jogging!!!
      I think overall your kids will have a great outdoor lifestyle purely because of the weather.
      Hope this helps.:v_SPIN:The Maddisons

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      My eldest is 14 and is quite happy getting himself about by bus and train. As long as he has a multi trip ticket I know that he will be fine. He went up to the city skatepark with his friends on the weekend and seem to take it all in his stride. I do make him take his mobile with him and ring him (at least once) to make sure he is ok. He is definitely having a better childhood here, much more likely to find him outdoors than stuck in front of the tv/computer.
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