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    Thread: Had a break in.

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      The Pottertons
      Here here nick11. Must have strengthened your resolve to leave i imagine. Makes me so cross!!! Take Care guys!

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      These people are pretty thick usually and will advertise the tackle for sale in the local rag. So as Shaun Taylor used to say 'keep 'em peeled'. ;) The insurance should cover it all but thats not the point.


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      Thanks for the support and replies everyone. Everyone we know said that the police wouldn't be interested and would just give us a crime number, but they have actually done quite a bit (hurrah for the Derbyshire Police). A chap came and dusted for prints, but couldn't find anything usable. The next day the WPC on the case came round and talked to my husband about what was stolen, looked at the pictures of some of his gear and took a list of what had gone. She then went to do some door to door enquiries and has said she would keep her eyes peeled.

      The insurance company will only pay up to 1750 out because they were in the garage and the fishing gear alone is worth over 2500. We are just trying to work out a cash settlement with them, because the company they wanted to use to replace the items don't do his gear and their prices are extortionate, so wouldn't replace much. OH is hoping to just get what he thinks he can use in Oz now.

      He has been reading about the Carp problems in the Murray River and hopes to keep up his interest there. I asked him if he thought he could cope with knocking them on the head! He said he'll see if he can bring them home to eat.

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      cornish Busdriver
      Tell OH to look at this site http://www.fishsa.com
      Give all the advice that he will need to know about fishing in SA

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      Gamba "n" Kerry
      think ya right they wer only afta fishin gear chin up chuk


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