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    Thread: Off days!!!

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      Off days!!!

      Just feeling a bit worried at the minute about the whole immigrating business, have just read Graandjac thread about this being their last weekend in the UK and all of a sudden I am terrified.
      Most days I check my emails 4-5 times just in case there is any news and can't wait to get out there, but today I wonder if I am getting cold feet (although if I do I honestly know Stephen will kill me).
      My kids had a school concert last night and I spent most of the time crying and feeling guilty about taking them away from all their friends even though I know it will be no time at all that they will have new friends in Adelaide and new classmates and a better life all round.
      I think my biggest problem is have I really thought what it will be like to say goodbye to my Dad and my sister. They both believe we are making the right move and my sis would go in a heartbeat (but her O/H wont), in fact my Dad is going to Adelaide in October to see his brother wether we are there by then or not, but I am really worried that missing them will stop me from settling there.
      I want more than anything (like we all do) for it to work out for us there but what if we just can't afford to live, I know we struggle here and I am prepared to struggle there but I know here we do afford our bills and the credit cards that have been run up are our own fault for not living within our means but what if we go there and we can't afford the necessary bills?
      I know I'm rambling on and not even too sure about what I want to say but somehow putting it in 'writing' helps and I know everyone on here is in the same boat with the same hopes, dreams and worries. I am just wondering if anyone else has days like this when they think when it comes down to it they won't be able to go
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      Simon & Adelle
      It is only natural to have feelings like that. I don't think that you wouldbe human in you didn't get the jitters. It is the biggest thing that most of us will do in our lives...

      I'm sure that you will be fine.

      You wait and see, give it a few weeks/months when your our there you won't know why you were so worried.

      You always have Skype to make free BB video calls which is what my sister uses and she is only in Sweden...

      Chin up and make the most of it when you get there... It's not like you can't come back......

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      I think what your feeling is exactly the same what everyone else who is doing the same or has done the same before u. I think I would be more worried if I did not have the same thoughts as over confidence is not a good thing. Im sure these feelings will come and go all the way through the visa stage and then when we get there. It was never going to be easy so if your prepared for the bad days as well as the good you will be strong enough to pull through it.

      Im sure we are like others that are going to give it our best shot, ride out the bad days as well as the good and fingers crossed all will be ok.

      Missing families is a big thing and saying goodbyes as many have said before is hard but there is no way round it and while our families will miss us they are now looking to book flights out and i bet we will see them more than we do now!! With the skype as well i know we will chat more than we did here.

      We feel its best to look back in ten years time to look back and say well ive done it/tried it and have experienced some never have the guts to do. I know which sort of person i would rather be even if we end up back here having experienced a wonderful country and hopefully way of life. It would be much worse in ten years time saying what if!!!

      Be positive and dont let these feelings worry you.
      Ian, Rachel, Harry 16 & Georgia 13

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      I am just wondering if anyone else has days like this when they think when it comes down to it they won't be able to go [/quote]

      oh gurl i feel for u so much, i go through these same emotions every single day.
      dont want to tell the hubby coz might rock the boat
      but if we didnt feel like this we wouldnt be human especially where our kids are consernd.
      i have good days, and bad days were i can fly out 2mrw
      but the main reason is we are all making this big massive unbeliveable move for our family and when you look back to when you were even thinking about going to oz with your family didnt you get buttiflies thinking about it
      well then just remember that feeling ok.

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      :)hi jacaline, i know where your coming from, its only natural to worry, as you my biggest worry is being able to find work and support ourselves, although the main thing is if the kids settle, if they do then we have to make it work for them, i think the hardest thing is to leave what you know, but it will be more or less the same when you come back to visit, if you feel the need,i'm sure you''ll be fine, espically when the visa comes through, although those feeling still creep up on you. at least will have support and advice from everyone on pia who has made the journey, although everyones feelings and experiences are different, (its in a mothers instinct to panic just a little) at least i hope it is


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      Your feelings are perfectly justified, having been through it it is a rollercoaster, it all depends on how you cope as a family with the stresses and strains that are thrown at you, many of which you will not expect. Only time will tell whatever you decide, if you go and stay or come back you will change your life forever. Life is a path with branches and you will have to decide which path to choose, the worst of these paths are where one of you wants to go one way and the other doesn't, it means that somebody has to compromise, this is where resentment, worry and uncertainty makes you question yourself and others. Whichever way it is an experience some good some bad but goes to make you what you are.

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      i have these all the time, for 10 yrs it was always on my mind i want to go
      Now the decision is made, its like oh cr@p
      im going
      i cant wait
      But every now and again i think, am i thinking clearly, do i just want to go cos its what i wanted to for ages and now i cant back down cos everyone knows and ill always wonder what if , if i dont go.

      Then i just remember, its just the fear factor, and that fear is not gonna go away till i step off the plane. all the exciting things in life are scary, i suppose its like a roller coaster, all along the queue your really excited and bragging, as you get closer it gets a little more worrying, when you get on its like oh cr@p why did i do this, then it takes off and....................................

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      Hi Guys, believe me anyone who says that they dont get the wobbles at some point is telling porkies. Its all part of the process and keeps you on your toes , the last week is packed so much with things to do we haven't even thought about MONDAY yet , and to be honest Iam (Gra) looking forward to a good kip on the plane . Its good to be nervous in my oponion , and its also good to share any worries with us PIA buddies .

      Not counting but 2 days to go..............Cheers Graham

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      God I love this site

      Two hours ago I was in tears and worried about telling Stephen that I couldn't go,
      now I'm lauging at how its a weird world when complete strangers are giving me advice and cheering me up because they now exactly how I feel when my closest friends don't

      Thank you all

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      You will be just fine.......
      I just did a whole paragraph but deleted it as it sounded like waffle!
      Just be strong and remember why you are coming, prepare your self for missing people then when you do it wont feel so bad! I did this about people and think it did help.
      I didnt about Asda and radiators and I miss theM.:embarrassed:


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