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      Hi Paul

      Congratulations on getting your sponsorship accepted :D

      Is your agent putting your application in online or by paper? Our application went in online on the 4th Oct and we requested our police checks a week later as they take up to 40 days to come through and we had our meds last Monday (13th). Our agent recommended waiting 6 weeks before going for meds - some agents do not like you to frontload at all so it is up to you.

      What you will need to bear in mind is that you will have to enter oz within 1 year from the date of your medicals or police checks to validate your visa.

      I have just put some links in the visa section for meds and police checks - if your application is done online you will be able to download the forms partly completed linked to your application.

      Good luck with the visa!!!

      Lisa :D

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      Hi Paul,
      Congratulations, we did our meds and police checks when the agents asked us too but with hind sight should of done what Lisa did and got them done unrequested as that is what held us up in the end[police checks] as we had a date that they wanted every thing back of us[ immigration not the agents]and we were waiting for the checks and started to panic, every thing came right in the end.Once again congrats and good luck.
      Hayls :D :D :D

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      donna T
      Hi Paul

      Congratulations and best of luck with the rest of the application

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      Hi I would like some advice please from some of you very learned visa applicants. I have sent my skills assessment to the Australian Nursing Council (I am a Midwife) and this will take 6-8 weeks (probably longer because of Christmas). I have used an agent just to advise what visa to apply for and they have suggested the skilled Independent Regional (Provisional) I have 110 points so will need sponcership by SA government.

      My worry is I am 45 in May so need to act quickly. I intend to submit my visa myself without agents help as I have a fellow Midwife who has already been through the process. I have already requested the Police checks but was just wondering when to have medicals if my skills are acceptable (which hopefully won't be a problem).

      I would then like to submit visas with police checks and medicals already done. Is this a good idea? :D :D

      Janet 44 Midwife
      Shane 44 Loss aduster
      Oliver aged 12
      Gabriella aged 9

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      Thanks for your reply Lisa. Already getting stressed as I sent my skills assessment now 10 days ago and still not had confirmation by email it has been received.

      Can you complete the forms for sponsorship prior to receiving the skills assessment? I would be interested in having some ideas of what you have put for why you want to emigrate etc. It seems it takes about 4 weeks to obtain this sponcership is that about right? Am I correct in thinking I can then send the visa application and have the medicals completed afterwards. I know I need to have the application in by midnight on 14/05 which is the day before my birthday. Oh I wish I was 10 years younger but I suppose then I would not have been able to apply as i have only just qualified as a Midwife in September 2005.

      Lisa I think you should maybe consider being a Migration agent when you move to Oz you really are knowledgable and a great source of help.


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      We had the help of an agent with our application but we got the next stage ready as each stage was submitted.

      For our sponsorship all the information was prepared and as soon as we had our TRA back with the reference number we needed it was completed online. I will pm you some details we used for our sponsorship.

      Our sponsorship took 30 days and this seems to be the general sort of time they take on average.

      Once you have your visa application in and acknowledged you will receive a reference number that you will need for your medicals. You can submit an SIR visa online which is given priority processing. This is normally acknowledged on the same day you submit it (you will need it to be acknowledged before you are 45 I think and paper based applications are taking a few months to be acknowledged) and you are able to download your medical forms with sections pre-completed for you and can also track your application online to see what stage you are at :lol:

      :D would be no good as a migration agent as we needed one ourselves to get it all sorted!! hehe :lol:

      Will stick with my web design :)




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