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Really sorry to hear your news. I know exactly how you feel, I am a teacher (Primary School) and qualified with a BA in Primary Education Studies (Mathematics) with QTS. I thought I would have no problem passing the skills assessment only to be informed that I had failed because Australia only accepts 4 year degrees not 3 (which mine was).

I explained that 4 year degrees were no longer available as the Government was trying to get teachers out quicker and got the reply that until the Australian Government caught up with what was happening here and changed the rules it was tough.

Be careful before you try any other qualifications to get in and double check that they are actually recognised by T.R.A before going down that route.

Luckily for us my husband passed on his trade and we made up the extra points by getting regional sponsorship (although we probably wont be going now).

Good luck and I hope you find a way in.
I know you say you probably aren't going now, but be aware that if you do get in through your husband's trade, you probably will not be able to register with the TRB (Teachers' Registration Board) unless you have done a 4 year course. Without this registration you cannot teach anywhere in South Australia. Have a look at the TRB website to check, but I think this is true.