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    Thread: When you need to leave Ads fast .

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      When you need to leave Ads fast .

      Second time this year for me. I know a lot of people after emigrating worry about this particular question especially those with aging parents or family with ill health or those things which just happen like accidents. When the news comes, usually overnight or the early hours of the day be rest assured you can usually get a seat on the Emirates plane out of Ads leaving at 2130 ish winter time and 2230ish summer time that night. The transfer time in Dubai is usually only an 1 1/2 to 3 hrs and they fly direct then to many regional UK airports which saves the hassle of the cattle run that is Heathrow. Most flights seem to land in the UK around lunchtime. So yes depending on your circumstances you may arrive too late as it does take 20 hrs to get there but it can be a comfort that you don't have to wait til the next afternoon or even travel interstate to leave. It can be very rushed trying to make afternoon departures on the same day, particularly if you need to organise work stuff etc. I would also recommend building up a slush fund for such fares, so you don't have to worry about finding the dosh or doing it all on credit.
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      Sorry to hear that Rachel - very useful info though, thanks.
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