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      For those that missed it fear not;) Click on this link and select the down under option.



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      Just watched the clip.

      It is def Glenelg, a place that everyone should visit. Along the main street is the best shop, Haighs, a chocolate shop that is the closest to Thorntons that Adelaide offers. The beach is great, there are plenty of shops and cafes/ restaurants. There is a pie shop which sells just about every pie that you could think of and even a shop that sells some British stuff, although it is overpriced as you can imagine.

      The beaches that run along Glenelg continue down the coastline of Adelaide for miles both north and south. Southern areas include Brighton, Christies Beach (the beaches are fab there), Port Noarlunga South, which is wonderful for kids, Seaford, Moana, Port Willunga and Aldinga.

      And as they said the weather in autumn is great. I remember arriving at this time last year and walking down Glenelg in tshirts, the kids and OH in shorts, and watching Aussies in jumpers, scarves, and even long coats. It isn't that cold to me but you never know. This weekend the weather is expected to turn but let's hope it doesn't last long.


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      cornish Busdriver

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      Just found the web link http://www.gm.tv/index.cfm?articleid=24657
      Defantly Glenelg, i went fishing off that jetty.

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      Yes was down there the other day and noticed they packets of Bisto in the window of the Old Lolly shop, if any of you are having severe hankerings. It won't be cheap as Libby says, Foodland in Morphettvale has a tiny English section if you fancy paying $7-8 for a tin of steamed pudding or $4 for mushy peas.

      That pie shop sells an Adelaide icon... Meat pie sitting in pea soup with tomato sauce over it.
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      jill wright
      Whoo think I'm quite clever guessing it was Glenelg when I've never even been to Adelaide !!! yes Sue I spotted the maccy D's too at least there'll be someting for Thomas to eat


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      jeannie oxford

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      Quote Originally Posted by Guzzler&Sas View Post
      Hi Jeannie
      Sorry we didn't see it (obviously teehee!)
      Love your new avator

      Hi Keith and Sas and girlies.

      Thought you'd like that! ;)

      Have Graham and Jac arrived yet? Send our best to them. Ill PM or (try to) Skype you soon.

      jeannie x

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      jill wright
      P.s thanks for the links guys meant my hubby could watch it too . Got us right in the mood for it with it being a lovely sunny evening here ( emigrating that is !!!!!!)

      Jill & Phil

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      Along the main street is the best shop, Haighs, a chocolate shop that is the closest to Thorntons that Adelaide offers.

      Slightly off topic so apologies for that but if you like chocolate, try and book yourself onto one of the free tours of the Haigh's factory (Greenhill Road, just to the south of the City parklands) - really fun, free tea and coffee, and free samples! And also Myer have recently started selling Thorntons chocolates.

      On the subject of Glenelg too (lovely palindrome that) - apparently the proprietors of The Greedy Goose (restaurant in Adelaide that won a recent reality TV show here) have opened a gourmet burger joint in Jetty Road, Glenelg too - just opposite Maccas, so the kids could have their Happy Meals while the adults had an even happier meal....



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