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    Thread: Heelies in oz??

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      Leanne & Mark
      Quote Originally Posted by duncan-clan View Post
      heelys are here in adelaide but haven't seen many kids wear them just as long as you dont wear them in the shopper markets/food halls as i cant stand kids speeding up and down the isles as my trolley always seems to steer in front of them


      Nice one...hope that makes you feel better! Nothing like letting Kids be Kids aye!!

      Well Blake loves his, and lives in his.....Shopping malls are the best cos there aren't as many hazards under their feet!! He is so good on his though its fasinating to watch!! He spins, and goes backwards....Show off!!:o

      Ethan ...bless him, begged for a pair cos they are not cheap!! But can only scoot around on one foot at the moment. But by the time we get thier i'm sure he'll be speeding around!! Wwon't that just annoy you .....grumpy ol things!!;)

      Hmmm might have to bring a few pairs with me!!!!

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      Leanne & Mark
      Quote Originally Posted by Diane View Post
      You can buy them here but the only place I know is the Brickworks Markets - about $50 a pair.

      Mind you, what you really need is a Rip Stick - much more fun and much more cool!!!!

      Right i have no idea what a rip stick is?? Care to elaborate.

      Real Heelies are over 50 here ?????Are they cheap rip offs, cos the bearings in them aren't as good??

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      Yeh, probably by the very fact that they are selling them in the market you can safely assume they are cheap rip-offs! A rip stick is a kind of skateboard with only one wheel at each end - I've just googled it to find a picture and apparently it's a 'two-wheeled articulated skateboard - not sure if this will work but if not, try a Google Image search to get the idea:

      You don't need to take a foot off to push it along, you sort of wiggle your hips and it will even go up slight hills! Faster and better than heelies, my son and his mates reckon!!


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