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      when is reality gonna hit????

      Well, it's only 34 days until we fly out to Sydney for 5 nights then on to our new life in Adelaide (not that I'm counting!!) :lol: :lol: :lol:
      I'm starting to panic as it still doesn't seem real, anyone else feel like that? When it finally hits me that this IS happening I think it's gonna feel like I've been hit by a ten tonne truck!
      I think one of my biggest worries is how my 8 year old is going to be, he's quite nervous about starting a new school as he's quite shy & he's really going to miss my parents :cry: :cry:
      I'm feeling less & less organised by the day but not taking much stuff so no idea why I'm panicking, tickets are being delivered today so I guess it might start to feel more real, it just feels like I have so much to do!!! :roll:
      For those of you who have already made the big leap, how did you feel when you first arrived, did you find it hard to settle?
      Coming from such a small place like Guernsey we are gonna feel like very small fish in a massive ocean!! :shock:

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      We fly one week Sunday (have shippers in Monday and leave Exeter Wednesday) and it still does not seem real :lol:

      Spent today saying goodbyes to friends and old work colleagues (one of who got very emotional) but it still does not seem like we are about to move half way round the world!

      Lisa :D

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      GnT I take it your 8 year old is a little boy, I am sure he will be fine - I am nervous to as I have 2 aged 6 & 10 I am often unsure how they really feel about the migrating process :roll:

      When our visa is granted & flights booked for Aug / Sept we will have to meet up

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      Im sure your son will be fine. Just treat it as one big adventure.

      I have two little girls, but they are both quite exited. So I hope we do get the visa.

      I dont know what its like when you do get the Visa and plans are in place to go, I bet its nerve racking.

      Im sure you will all be fine. Keep us posted from the other side.
      :D :D :D :D


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