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      Quote Originally Posted by scrash89 View Post
      Those suburbs you listed above arent too bad, Im thinking stay away from morphett vale if you can. seaford and seaford rise are quite nice suburbs but they are around 45 minutes away from anything fun so i dont know how much your kids will enjoy them.

      One of my supervisors at work moved over here from the UK last year and lives at seaford rise in a nice house and he seems to like it.

      Its a good thing you have chosen to stay away from the northern suburbs aswell (elizabeth(s), davoren park, munno para, andrews farm, smithfield etc). The houses there are cheap for a reason.

      I suppose you wont understand for sure the similarities and dissimilarities between the crime and gang violence between oz and the uk untill you actually get over here but it didnt seem that much different when i was over in the uk a couple of years ago, my cousins over there are a bit rough and i did see a few things over there that i wish i hadnt but i have seen plenty of things here to match them.

      if i were to give you any advice it would be to try and stay away from public transport after dark especially on the weekend and friday nights. especially waiting around at train stations and bus stops and to try and send your kids to a decent school to try and keep them away from the wrong crowds. Drugs and underage drinking are a massive problem in adelaides public high schools but then again if they want to do it they will do it anyway. Its not like it doesnt happen in private schools as well.

      I dont really know what more to say, im not trying to put you off moving to adelaide but im just saying that its not all fun and games here either...its definitely not perfect.

      Hi Ash

      Thanks again for info!
      I know what you are saying about the grass is not always greener and that Adelaide certainly isn't paradise without any problems!But we have to give it a go!We will certainly be on our guard as we would be inthe UK regarding certain situations!Travelling by public transport at night or alone etc...
      Fortunately my husband and myself both drive and our kids will be ferried around as much as possible by ourselves!Finding a good school will be main priority!And believe me we are not people to take things lightly so if we have any trouble whatsoever with any other kids we will be in straight away to sort it out and if school doesn't sort it then we will(as we have done many a time in the UK already)
      Drugs and alchohol will always be a problem werever we live in the world and all we can due is educate our kids and be on the ball watching them and hope that they listen to us!
      But remember i maybe a mum myself now but i have also been a teenager once myself(need i say anymore)I'm hoping to be one step ahead of my kids!

      Take care

      Thanks again nice to hear from you!

      Keep in touch


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      Tell Me About It. My 10 Year Old Son Was Also Attacked Leaving School. He Was Hit And Thrown Into The Road By His Neck And Just Missed A Moving Car. The Reason? Mindless Bullies Acting Big When They Are With Their Friends. Yet These Are The Bullies Who Bring Drugs Into The Schools And Get Away With It.

      I Am So Fed Up With This Country Now That I Am Willing To Take Any Route To Get Out, And Give My 2 Kids A Better And Safer Life.

      Am Looking Into 457 Visa At Moment Get A Potental Employer So Fingers Crossed I Can Give My Kids A Safer Life.


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      Its a good thing you have chosen to stay away from the northern suburbs as well (elizabeth(s), davoren park, munno para, andrews farm, smithfield etc). The houses there are cheap for a reason.

      Yep, its terribly dangerous up here in the North East, lets see last week a year 9 boy stabbed another in the thigh with a flick knife which needed 10 stitches, that was Golden Grove High School and this week 2 girls were set upon at Salisbury East by a gang of girls aged 13 - 16, 2 of which didn't even go to the school and beat them senseless. Even more worrying was the behaviour of the pack of kids watching who did nothing to help but stood around and filmed the attack on their mobile phones.

      The suburbs named are not particularly refined and since you have only named southern suburbs it doesn't really matter but don't assume everywhere in the north is rough. We've got some nice places to live in the North East and yes, property prices are a good indication of area. If it looks cheap, there is usually a reason.

      On top of the hill in Salisbury Heights


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