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    Thread: Hi everyone

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      The Ashtons

      Hi everyone

      Hello and welcome to Adelaide was the greeting from our OAM at Adelaide airport, yes we r here sorry its taken a while to contact you all but as you r aware internet cafes and libary pcs take time to find and the pc,s run really slow so we have been using the time mailing friendsand familly,
      Anyway Thiland is the hottest place on Earth but very very nice we did 6 nights their on our way over
      Arrived 2 weeks ago now Oaa is ok very basic as u are aware and no aircon, its still up in the 30s here so be prepared.
      Not yet decided on a subburb yet to settle and the rental market we have found to be ok.plenty to go at butif you are after a big house with land and a pool u might struggle,
      If anyone is dew out soon and have anOz address allready, apply for your Tax number u need it 4 work.
      Medicare;- no problem 495 visa ok
      banking ;- OK but need to prove income 4 a mastercard/visa
      Baggage allowance be sure, We were told we could double on arrivel at the airport had to bin some quilts we had bought 4 oaa then leaving Bangkok still over weight cost us a set price of 120 pounds 1k or 50k over its a set fee, trying to claim but you live and learn
      Post is not 2 bad 2 and from uk 5-7 days usually
      Hope u had a nice Easter we spent most of ours on the beech
      any locals need to cool off with a beer drop us a line i would post our mobile but i dont no the number and i left it in the house
      Cheers all if i can help with anything i will

      See u soon

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      WELCOME TO ADELAIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

      Good to see you back on line and settling.

      Will you be North or South????

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      Welcome Back

      Hi Bob, Jane and Billie

      Welcome back to PIA, have been waiting with baited breath for first post. Glad to hear your enjoying it.

      Who did you fly out with ?

      We all had a lovely Easter, not as hot as you though 16-18 and i'm sure the East Coast isn't as inviting as those long Sandy Beaches in SA.

      Look forward to your next post.

      Jane, Andi and Kids 8) 8)

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      Congratulations for getting to Adelaide. I am really pleased for you.

      I just wanted to say thank you for a really honest posting. You gave us a good impression of what to expect and sensible advice. We arrive next Friday, the 20th, and would love to give you a call if that is okay.

      Out of interest which airline did you use? About to start packing my duvets so very worried!

      Hope everything goes well, glad you enjoyed Easter. We spent most of ours in the garage sorting stuff ready for the shippers!

      Libby :)

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      Hi Bob, Jane & Billie

      So good to see you arrived safe and sound and enjoyed your stop over in Thailand :lol: We love that country and the people - even got married there!!

      Good positive points about the rentals so am not panicking quite so much now that we only have 5 weeks to get somewhere sorted to live :shock: Will give you a ring when we arrive so we can meet up 8)

      Thanks also for the tip on the baggage allowance, we did call Singapore Air and they have said they will give us 40 but will try and stay under when packing the cases this weekend!

      Enjoy your new life and all that sun :D

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      Great to hear some news from the other side.

      Hope you are settling well.

      Keep in touch. Hopefully will be doing this next year. :D :D

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      hi the ashtons

      ..yes, great post. lovely to hear its all ok....

      Chris, Sarah, Molly & Phoebe - Arrived in Adelaide 21st August 2007, Living in Moana

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      Hi Ashtons

      Glad to hear you are settling into Aussie life, some useful info in your post, thanks for that. We are hoping to get OAA should hear soon as we travel out in 33 days. Billie has been chatting to my son Zak so would be great to meet when we get there :D
      Hope all continues to go well for you, see you on the other side :lol:


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      Sorry to be thick but what are OAM and OAA??

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      Quote Originally Posted by The Monaghans
      Sorry to be thick but what are OAM and OAA??
      Hi Monaghans

      I think it is on arrival meeting & on arrival accomodation, but i am sure people on here will clarify this or correct it.

      Many thanks



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