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    Thread: What do Australians think about capitalism?

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      What do Australians think about capitalism?

      Hi people. I am a 23 year old guy from ARMENIA (ARMenia not America) and I have just moved toy Australia.
      ARmenia is a former Soviet state , it gained its independence in 1991. So while socialism in Armenia was not perfect, today's capitalism isn't either. During socialist times ARmenians have jobs, poverty was virtually non-existent, murders and suicides were rare! PEople used to trust each other. Since 1991 ARmenia is a capitalist state. Capitalism has brought unemployment (18%, and 52% youth unemployment), poverty (35 % of population), population declined (from 3,8 mln to 2,8 mln), birth and fertility rates declined (1,1 child per woman). Armenians are unhappy now. Armenians hate capitalism.
      What i witnessed when i moved to AUstralia a year ago was the total ignorance of capitalism in AUstralia. Australians are brainwashed by the government and super rich people that capitalism is good , it is the only possible economic system etc..>
      1. Australians think that capitalism is good and that it brings prosperity to everyone.
      The truth is that it isn't, capitalism is good only for rich people and their families and it brings prosperity only to billionaires , millionaires and polticians.
      2. AUstralians think that rich people work hard and that they deserve their wealth. Australians think that poor people are lazy idiots and that we must blame poor people in their poverty.
      The truth is that rich people don't work hard, they just steal money from poor people, they just have great influence on politics and politicians favour them. Rich people are just lucky to be born in a right family with right connections. Poor people are poor cuz rich people steal their money.
      3. Australians think that humans are selfish, greedy and bad by nature, so that's why only capitalism works and that's why socialism doesn't work.
      The truth is that humans are not selfish and greedy and bad by nature. We are far more cooporative and altruistic than we assume. The politicians and rich people are the ones who are selfish and greedy.

      So what do you think? What australians think about capitalism? WHy do they love rich people?

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      Manhary, if that is how you feel about AUStralia (along with yesterdays post) why did you feel the need to move here??.....
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      Some people got to have it, some people really need it....
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      So you are in Australia? According to your ISP you are actually still in Armenia. I will close this thread as it very similar to your last thread. Lets just keep it at that.



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