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    Thread: Frustration!

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      Quote Originally Posted by cormcvcr View Post
      Hi there,

      it does get extremely frustrating, but all will come good in the end.

      If you are looking for the references to prove your work history, you can get this by contacting the Inland Revenue and asking for a print out of all your national insurance contributions, this will show what has been paid and when and to whom. We were advised this by our agent, just in case we couldn't get our references, but this also helped to make up the CV, as trying to remember dates was hard, this also helped the companies that we were looking for the references from with the dates my OH worked with them.

      Hope this helps
      Thanks for that, did it cost anything???

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      Quote Originally Posted by Libby1971 View Post
      Bribery and corruption!!!!!

      My husband wanted to go to Oz for more than twenty years and yet getting the documents for the Skills Assessment made him say that it really wasn't worth it. This really is the hardest part - we finally got the letter we needed 3 months after asking for it. It drove me nuts, especially having to ask for it AGAIN really nicely when what I really wanted to say was ARE YOU STUPID? SEND ME THE LETTER NOOOOWWWWW or words to that effect

      You will cope and in the meantime take up reading of Mills and Boon books - they drive you almost as nuts as the visa process and if you can read one of those you can cope with anything. Or drink. Swear. Smoke. Rant.

      I would like to say I am the proud owner nonetheless of many M&B books.

      Hi Libby,
      as ever words of wisdom!! it's actually good to know your husband felt the same way, tho i am far from giving up from applying. more like turning up uninvited and SHAKING the people involved, or doing a sit in until they type it there and then!!:)

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      Quote Originally Posted by mOZzy View Post
      we remember the TRA all too well - a very looong process with lots of work involved!!! - ours took about 4 months!!!! with finding contacts of old companies and getting to sign something and getting the history together and write everything foolprove

      you will get there ... it IS a very long path to walk from beginning to end!
      hey Mozzie, well at least I know I'm prob only 2 months away eh?? glass half full here!!:)

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      Quote Originally Posted by Tyke View Post
      No eas way around it I'm afraid.
      Our process was extremely frustrating and took over 2 years

      Just try and keep focussed.

      Mrs Tyke and I always had an "Australian chat" meal once a week with the odd bottle of Aussie wine.You all need to talk to each other.:D
      2 YEARS!!! well I'm a bit luckier as I was aiming for 18months from now so at least I'm kind of prepared for the long haul run in, it feels as tho i'm busy doing nothing at the moment now tho!

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      Quote Originally Posted by BAZnDAF View Post
      OMG, I feel lucky on this one.

      I have an HNC and only needed to prove 6 years employment which was easy as I have been employed by the same employer for 7 years, I also needed to get a reference from my previous employer, but this is the same guy who is my manager now, as i worked for him for 5 years before the company was taken over.

      guess i was lucky in that one.
      I have another problem supplying 6 years as for over a year within that time I was in OZ and only worked for a couple of firms, tracking some of them down will be a real pain, so I'm going to write and say I was asleep on the beach, I definitely won't be able to give the last 6 years but I've asked my employer that I did my apprenticeship with many moons ago, as that counts!! you were lucky to have a constant run of employment i think!


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