Hi everyone

I am hoping for some advice please.

My hubby and I are moving over in the beginning of August and I have started to look for a rental - with so much other stuff yet up in the air I think I will feel better knowing we have somewhere to live when we arrive!
We want somewhere no further than an easy 30 min commute in the city.
I have been looking at Glenelg, Brighton and Aberfoyle Park.
I am also considering Morphetvale and Hallet Cove - but please can someone give me a realistic commuting time from these areas?

Also if anyone has or knows of a 1 or 2 bed rental that will be avialable in / near these areas from 7 August - please let me know or pm me.

Thanks to everyone who replied to my previous thread on caravan parks - as the Brighton caravan park is now our back up plan!

Thanks everyone.