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      Hi All

      Its been a while since I have been on here (We are new parents?!!?), but I do sometimes get chance to look at whats going on?!

      I am just writing to ask if anyone else has had a bad case of panics?

      We have been asked to attend medicals and whislt in the back of my head I know that this means we can still fail...I am starting to panic that we might pass and then panic and question whether we are doing the right thing??? I mean I was over the moon to find out we had been asked for medicals ?

      Is this a normal thing we all go through or is it the lack of sleep (being a new mum) that is making me think completely irrationally...?

      If anyone could help, advise, offer words of wisdom that would be soooooo great :(

      Congratulations Lisa xxx
      Deb :D

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      It is entirely NORMAL to have a few panic attacks and nagging doubts.

      Seriously I don't think that anyone who has moved here avoided them.

      We had lots!!!

      Worth it now though!!! :lol: :lol:

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      Dave & Kerry
      As its one off the biggest decisions you will ever have to make, especially with kids involved, I would worry if I had nothing to panic about.

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      Hi Kerry

      yes, I think we all have had those moments thinking...'OMG, are we doing the right thing'......it must be a bit more intense for you, what with lack of sleep (can remember those sleepless nights well- mine are 7 & 9, it gets easier)

      She who dares wins......

      Chris, Sarah, Molly & Phoebe - Arrived in Adelaide 21st August 2007, Living in Moana

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      Thanks everyone, I am having terrible doubts and thoughts of dread.

      I am worrying about the little one more than myself/OH....for example I am terribly worried about the big issues like finding a home and somewhere to settle quickly in the right place at the right cost, finding a job (all to support little fella). Then I worry about how I will find out about the little things like finding the right washing powders (little man is allergic to some).

      Theres no one thing in particular, and you're right the lack of sleep doesnt help! I am just panicking like mad.....

      We are just at the point of going for medicals next week too.....I mean we might not even get through them, but the panicky feeling is terrible.

      We did go on a reccie and we loved it (prior to the little one) but it seems such a long time ago and its hard to remember sometimes why we are doing this....I bet I sound completely muddled...sorry folks I am dazed and confused
      deb :?

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      I feel like this on an almost daily basis, so you're not alone. Sometimes it's like a practical joke that's gone too far :shock: . At the end of the day we won't know unless we go, also I wouldn't want to give all those people who thought we wouldn't go through with it the satisfaction of being right :twisted: .

      keep smiling
      Jen :D

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      dont panic!!!!

      :D i would of thought that if you dont panic there is something wrong so very normal, remember the reasons why you started in the first place this conntry is going down the pan of to a better place :D

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      Re: dont panic!!!!

      Quote Originally Posted by graandjac
      remember the reasons why you started in the first place this country
      Stole my thunder somewhat. Remind yourself that you are doing this to give yourself and your family a better life. Look at what you will be gaining against what you will be losing. Yes it is hard to leave loved ones behind but nothing good in this life comes without its price. :(
      Chin up and keep telling yourself exactly why you are doing this.


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      Dave & Kerry

      Maybe you should arrange a sitter and you and OH go for a short break away to de stress and re access your reasons for immigration in the first place. Sounds like everything is getting on top of you, understandably, especially as you are new to parenting and having sleepless nights doesn't help.

      You may find yourself coming back with a fresh perspective and better outlook.

      Good luck :)

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      Hi All

      Thanks for all your advice, it all makes perfect sense and a night off, well that would be great! (Although I fear I would probably fall asleep!).

      OH has talked me into not giving up on the medicals and at least going for them as that may seal our fate anyway.....Also he has told me it would be silly to give up now (which is so true, I really should be very grateful for getting this far.....see I am so irrational?!)

      He has also promised to help me with the research (washing powder, is obviously high on the agenda?!!?! :lol: )

      I am cheering up a bit and I think alot of you are right I am just feeling very overwhelmed :oops: And now I feel a little embarassed and a bit ashamed of myself

      It is sooooooo reassuring to know I arent alone in the way I am feeling though and that has made a massive difference...I was begining to think there was something the matter with me. I am normally such a positive upbeat type of person....

      Thank you all so much you have all been so very reassuring and understandingxxxxxx
      I am going to try and focus and why we started this in the first place and get myself one of our holiday piccies on display to remind me!
      Deb :)


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