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      Mrs NPB

      Smile 7 Months in Adelaide-PART 2

      PART 2 - As post was too long!!!!!

      The frustrations of life here in Adelaide are relatively simple, we find the customer service here is virtually non existent and as for trying to get jobs done on the house it is so hard to find anyone who does the whole job. Most jobs involve many people and not just one company who do the whole job as you would be used to in the UK. (I hope this isn’t too confusing!!!)

      Shopping here is shopping and I personally find it a chore in just the same way as I did in the UK. We have found no problems with the supermarkets here as we have simply shopped for alternatives instead of looking for what we had in the UK. I find the staff in the shops very courteous and the quality of food is generally very good. We spend an average of $225 per week on groceries which for us, if converting
      $2 to £1 is the same as we would have spent in Waitrose every week. As mentioned before I personally like the fact that Blackwood has every possible shop conceivable for OUR needs, now it may not suit everyone but it does suit our needs. We of course sometimes go to Burnside Village, Marion etc and those are good alternatives for larger items but for day to day things Blackwood fits the bill.

      Well, 7 months on and so very much has happened it really has been a very exciting adventure. I remember some friends asking John & I why we wanted to leave the comfortable life we had in the UK and emigrate to Australia. At the time it was very hard to explain our reasons as we were not living here, now we are living here it is not hard, Australia has enriched our already wonderful lives and is giving us the opportunity to live in this (as the girls say) Awesome country. Yes, we have made sacrifices…are the sacrifices worth it?….so far yes, but long term who knows. All I know is that for now we have made the choice to emigrate because ‘we could’ and we are very fortunate that we were in a position to try something new. Would we change it, NO, would we ever return to the UK? Who Knows…. we will never say never but for now we are enjoying this wonderful change of lifestyle and we feel very blessed to have taken this opportunity and embraced every moment of it GOOD & BAD.

      I hope that those of you who are thinking of emigration and those of you who are on the way will after reading my post, feel positive things rather than negativity from our experiences but please remember that these are my families experiences and no two families will have the same experiences, requirements, needs, funds etc etc.
      I very rarely post on PIA and only come onto PIA very occasionally, however I have found this site useful and have had the pleasure of meeting some lovely people.

      Thank you to the moderators of PIA who do such a super job keeping this site going.

      Many thanks for taking the time to read my families experiences so far and here’s to many more happy years in Adelaide.

      Nuala, John, Franchesca & Olivia

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      Hi, I am so pleased you are enjoying life in Adelaide, it was all worth it then! We are coming on 10th June and have very good days and then bad days. I must say, after reading you post, I am confident again, thank you. I am now looking forward to my adventure again!


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      Thankyou for an open and honest post, a really interesting read. Glad you are enjoying life and have settled so well and that your children have settled.


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      jill wright
      Wonderful to read this post espeicially as we too are hoping to go on SIR visa and have been feeling quite negative about it lately. Posts like these seem to come just at the right time giving us a boost although I do take on board the fact each families experience will be very different from the next depending on many factors. Thanks for taking the time to share your experience yousound to have had a very 'full' 7 months and seem to have done really well in what is a relatively short time. As I say we are very much in two minds as whether to carry on with our plans at the moment but to soin a phrase you've used a couple of times we are in a position where we 'can' which makes it hard to give up on a great oppurtunity. Hope everything goes well take care


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      Sharon and Paul
      Hi Npb, A good read , a lot of us are feeling down in the dumps , with house selling ect ?, so a nice pick me up cheers ATB Paul.

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      Hi Nuala,

      What a brilliant post, very honest and well written. I enjoyed reading it and can relate to a lot of what you've said.

      Here's hoping that life in Adelaide will continue to delight/surprise/frustrate us!


      PS I was looking forward to catching up on Saturday, but now can't make it. Maybe have to meet up one Saturday for a coffee.
      Karen, Steve, Nick and Chloe
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      Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. It was a joy to read.

      I hope your life keeps bringing in the rewards and experiences that you have had up till now.
      Cornelia (41), Andy (42!!), Ally (16) & Wee Andi (12) x

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      Thanks for the greats posts Nuala.

      Of lot of people intending to come over will take on board your wise words and experiences.

      Best wishes for the future :):)

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      Good post mum! :)
      Didn't realise it was 7 months already...time flies i guess!! x
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      Lovely post again, thanks for breaking into 2 parts. You sound as though you have approached your migration as an opportunity with no preconceived ideas of how it should or could be and took everything on the chin as it has happened. This will have made the life changing events so much easier for your children to accept openly.

      Thankyou for taking the time to tell us your experiences.


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