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      Home sick

      Well we have now just past the 4 year mark living in Oz and can apply for citizenship. We bought our first home here a few months ago, hubby very busy at work and after many years of trying I now have a good job, kids are all really settled and happy. OH would go home in a flash but has been more settled than ever this year. I have no family back in UK and do not feel a draw to go back to UK but I suddenly feel very lonely and trapped (probably because of feeling tidied to a house that has been a money pit since day 1) and don't even know where I belong. Anyone else felt like this? I have had no feelings of homesickness and never imagined I would feel like this.

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      We have been here almost 8 years now. Each time we go back to the UK for a visit it unsettles me for a few days when we return and then I get back in the swing of things. My OH has never felt unsettled and has loved living in Australia/Adelaide since day one and the idea of going back to the UK would be his worst nightmare. However, on our last visit to the UK at the 7 year mark, we both came back to Adelaide feeling very unsettled and homesick. OH had never experienced anything like this before and it completely took him and me by surprise. The feelings only lasted a few days and we soon returned to 'normal'. I guess you maybe need to look at why you are feeling like this. In our case, there were various reasons why this trip back to the UK had an impact.



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