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      Honest Opinion

      Dear Moderators

      I noticed you closed a thread, allowing somebody to have the last word which I personally thought was very unfair.

      Quote Originally Posted by Diane View Post
      Well Kate, I think it's you being 'charming'! If someone came to your house and started slagging the place off, I think you'd be perfectly justfied in showing them the door! I No wonder some people get the sobriquet "Whingeing Poms"!
      Yes I agree, but this is not your house or your country, you are an immigrant like everyone else. I actually have an Australian father. Who are you to tell somebody else to go home. I wouldn't dream of telling anyone to do that. When you hear people saying how they feel perhaps you should think, there but for the grace of god go I. There are so many Brits suffering here due to financial stress and severe medical problems and not being able to afford medication. Have a heart for these people who are finding it difficult. Don't call us whinging Poms because we have the guts to tell the truth. Are you Australian, if not do not tell anyone to go home. Your attitude is disgusting to people who are struggling. They are desperate and you tell them to get on a plane and go home. This isn't about people bashing the Aussies, but the Australian Government. Do you know how corrupt it is here? Do you know anything about Australian politics. My guess would be not or you would not make these comments. You say you are tired of people whinging about Australia. If you are so content here, why are you still posting on both Adelaide Brits and this site. If you are so content with SA, why aren't you using your time to enjoy all the great things you obviously think about Adelaide. Many Brits use this site constructively and are trying to find like minded people who have similar problems where they can openly say what they want. My guess is you have been here for too long and have developed the tactics of the government. Threaten, put down and shut the population up. Well nice try, but if people are struggling or families need info before coming over then let them have a rounded view. Say your bit, let others say theirs. Let them hear both good and bad, but stop bashing other Brits. What you have done is tell somebody they should go home. That is threatening, condescending and damn right rude.

      Kate Gibbons
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      Purely cause I have nothing to hide.

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      i closed the post in question before it descended into a personal arguement between you and Diana. I will close this post to. If you have any grievences with me or the mods, you can contact me below using the contact us button.




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