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      Quote Originally Posted by Guzzler&Sas View Post
      Singapore 4.5 million population - 699 sq km

      Hong Kong 6.8 million population - 1042 sq km

      South Australia 1.5 million population - 983,482 sq km

      This could be a potential marketing problem,

      I think you are spot on, Keith
      There simply isn't enough market for them to justify set up costs (and the shipping of stock!!)

      They could be more likely to offer the option of shipping from Singapore, as Rachel suggested... they might consider that? Dunno abouty duty though

      Maybe a few shopping gals could simply team up to put up a list of shops on a thread here with good quality shops that can replace the bits that M&S is good for?

      Definetely worth trying to make an effort to map out what is readily available... I'm sure it just takes some finding?

      Sorry-can't see M&S wanting to embark in such an expensive operation

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      Quote Originally Posted by duncan-clan View Post
      hell to M&S bring on tesco, asda, sainburys thats what adelaide need..i remember seeing woolworths for the first here and thinking what the hell are they doing selling food? i thought it was like woollys back in the uk
      Huh? Are you joking??!!

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      Rob and Clare
      I would never say never to any Uk retailer coming over, with the poor economy in the UK at the moment if any retailer wants to expand it will have to go overseas, and if it wants to take their brand with them then Canada / Australia / France / Spain are the obvious choices with so many ex pats....

      Specsavers have just arrived in practically every shopping centre in Adelaide within the last couple of months, so what's to stop the others...

      Everything is all down to supply and demand, if the demand exists then the supply will follow, and as for shipping of stock etc... It's all made in China and Asia, so the shipping will be cheaper into Oz... they would use a 3PL and franchise out the brand to save set up costs....

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      Quote Originally Posted by Rob and Clare View Post
      they would use a 3PL and franchise out the brand to save set up costs....
      M&S is very image conscious and still see franchising very unlikely- but hey ho- hopefully they might agree with you :)

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      I can understand missing the familiarity of shops in the UK, I missed them too when I first got here and it took a while to get used to Aussie style shopping. But then I came here to be an Aussie and live in Aussie shops, buy Aussie food, and live an Aussie life. I doubt I will ever be a surfer chick as my a*se wouldn't fit on a surfboard to be honest but once I take my glasses off I can't see anything anyway, much less a moving expanse of blue haze!!!!!

      Personally I came here to get away from overpriced cr*p made in China.

      I do not think it likely that there will be a Next here any time soon or an M&S. To be honest, it isn't financially viable. Hell if Tescos won't/ can't open a shop here what chance do Next or M&S have.

      For those struggling to cope with Aussie shops, I feel for you, I really do but feel you may just have to get used to it.



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