My grandson will be on the lookout for Fitzy as he holds the running records at the Noarlunga little athletics!

Of all the places that he could choose to live in..back to his roots in Port Noarlunga!

South - Adelaide

Forget Sydney, Adelaide’s where Fitzy wants to return

  • Rachel Moore Southern Times Messenger
  • The Advertiser
  • April 28, 2015 10:46AM

Fitzy with wife Belinda and sons Hewston and Lennox at Port Noarlunga. Picture: Dylan Coker

POPULAR Sydney-based radio personality Ryan “Fitzy” Fitzgerald has shared his plan to move back to his southern Adelaide hometown with his family.

The former footy star and Nova radio celebrity DJ already owns a property on the beachfront at Port Noarlunga with his wife Belinda.
He says the couple and their two sons, Hewston and Lennox, will move back to SA.
“We will end up back at Port Noarlunga to live,” Fitzgerald says.
“I’m really enjoying my time in Sydney but I really want my kids to have that life ... the childhood I had, I would not change it for the world.”
His passion for the area is infectious.
“I fell in love with Port Noarlunga as a kid,” he says.
“I just loved it — I loved O’Sullivan Beach, Maslin Beach, Christies Beach, everywhere down south.”
Fitzgerald grew up at Christie Downs before his family moved to Port Noarlunga.
“It was always mum and dad’s dream to buy a place at Port Noarlunga,” Fitzgerald says.
“They always wanted to live near the beach.
“Mum and dad made the move when I was aged about 11 or 12, and it was the best move the family ever made.”
Fitzgerald recalls school holidays and weekends spent with friends at Colonnades, jetty jumping at Port Noarlunga, and riding the water slides at Splashdown at the Noarlunga Swimming Centre.
“The rest of the time we were down at the Port Noarlunga Football Club. It was just a perfect life,” Fitzgerald says.