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      NO Visa No house sale

      I am sitting having a glass of wine (ok three) and am getting really down as we still haven't got the visa yet and we still have no viewers for the house.

      Everything feels like it is on hold at the minute as we can't plan for anything, it's like being in limbo, all I want is to be able to make definate plans for our new life

      I know we are not the only one's but just needed to have a bit of a moan - I really should stay off the wine - maybe this is why stephen's only doubt about Adelaide is me being so near to the Barrossa valley

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      I really do feel for you. As you know from the other post, we are in the same situation, only difference being that we have our visa but that means we have a validation date

      Unfortunately we are not financially in a position to do a trip to validate so starting to panic, going through all the motions like getting shippers in for quotes etc but really worried about everything, don't think I was this wound up waiting for the visa ( which I had convinced myself we would not get!)

      Keep your chin up, I am trying to be optimistic and keep saying we will get there. I am also having wine, don't have it much so it has gone to my head!!! will stop waffling now. take care
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      cornish Busdriver
      Hang on in there.
      When did you send your meds and police checks in ??
      Our visa's came though roughly bout 2 weeks after ours when in.
      We are in the same boat about the house, spent loads of cash on it and still not sold.
      Hang on in there, it will work out in the end

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      Police checks were the fisrt thing and the agent has told us this is the date they will use. Like you have spent loads on house 6 grand to be exact - even if I have to put 7 grand on my credit card to validate my visa i will as am not going to lose the dream at this stage.
      Think I should go to bed and stop drinking
      Nite Nite

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      cornish Busdriver
      Hers hoping it shant be long now :)
      Just wait for that phone call at stupid O'clock in the morning ours was at 5am to say we got our visa's.
      With the Bank on england putting monet in to the morgages now were hoping that first time buyers should get a good morgage deal so hopefully they can by our house now weve dropped it below 150,000 so its now in the first time buyers range.
      Good luck on the visa and house sale.

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      weve just came back from a few days in west bay nr weymouth , houses are actually selling there, if only i could pick up my house and move it, we might actually get a viewer:)

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      Sharon and Paul
      Hi all , I am sorry i haven't got a magic wand to help you guys out !.In same boat but today up beat about it all , exchange rates are crap so maybe we are suppose to hang on for a while . Anyway i do believe that the house prices are slowing down in Oz not falling like here i know?. Told you i was up beat today don't know why ? just worked 12 hrs today must of swallowed a happy pill?. HANG IN THERE don't panic , its worth it in the long run , (so I am told!).

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      Good luck with selling your house.

      We have accepted an offer on our house from a ftb with mortgage in place. I thought all our dreams had come true.
      Well that was 7 weeks ago and we have heard nothing since. Our EA has been useless. We have telephoned several times and EA always says she was about to call this/that person.
      Well I telephoned her on Thursday and she said she had just spoken to buyer. He had told her he had a meeting on friday regarding a contract (he is a builder). If he gets this contract it will mean he has work for 11 years. If this is the case he has a better mortgage deal. This is the reason for the hold up. I dont know what to believe but said I want some answers as to what is happening no later than Monday (today)
      Well I am now waiting to hear the latest. Its a buyers market and as a seller we just have to keep our fingers crossed.

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      Sprayer - which EA are you with ? Is it Ryder and Dutton?? We're also in Oldham and just wondering whether to change from housenetwork to an actual estate agent with a shop window! [Had 6 viewers... no offers in 2 months]. We [eventually ] sold our last house with Ryder and Dutton and thought they were really bobbins - it took 6 months to go through even though there was no chain .. Good luck with things and hope that buyer comes through for you! Jacinta
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      consider renting out your property for at least 12 months???

      given the dire exchange rate youre going to lose alot of in the process of selling now and exchanging......same goes to pension transfers in the forseeable future

      what if the dream isnt a dream - reality is never a dream - if you returned in 18 - 24 months and the housing market here has recovered and the exchange rate has returned to normality then............heaven forbid youll never recover financially in your working life

      no one - not even the rose tinted brigade will say it IS worth taking such a financial gamble on your whole families future - especially when youve not visited adelaide before.....

      my advice for what its worth is try at all costs to keep the house going for at least 12 months - keep your job open to return too so you have an escape route

      50% return to the uk

      as long as you are fully aware of the financial implications.....

      if you have no equity or little then there is the arguiement what have you got lose - fair dinkum if your in your 20s but if youre much older with little in terms of assets i cudnt imagaine how anyone thinks theyll find it financially easier in adelaide to improve their lot in life in terms offinancial peace of mind......

      all the best a nd good luck - its an adventure and one i enjoyed with only one regret - i gave up a superb job in the uk and n ow resort to selling fairy cakes on the promenade whilst dressed up as kylie minogue


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