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      Smile Google, Just for a laugh!

      Well how sad is this?
      I was sat in front of the computer this afternoon hoping for an e-mail from Mr Decision Maker and with not much else to do I thought I would google my own name!
      In the first few pages I came up with:
      1)Some fella in Ghana (who looks nothing like me)
      2)A Journalist in Denmark
      3)The Vice President of Sales for the Pacific and Japan region for Copan Systems
      4)Avalon Snr Engineer Cranfield University
      5)A Councilor in Kent
      6)A Will of a Priest who died Sep 8th 1901 in New York leaving over $100,00! (none for me though)
      Give it a go and let us all see what you come up with, I'm sure you will all find something!

      I must get a life!
      Regards, Martin
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      Fantastic. :D

      1. A dead actor
      2. A distributor of flat glass
      3. a department of religion at Boston University
      4. a Bath consultancy group
      5. a Photogapher
      6. A Ebbsfleet United footballer
      7. An author that specialises in Dante

      There is so much more to me than I thought.


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      jill wright
      Jill Wright is the sort of person you just have to admire. ...

      Is one of the things that came up when I googled myself, I couldn't agree more. Another was to view my profile on poms In Adelaide hope family and friends don't decide to google me as most don't know our plans and wasn't quite exactly how I planned to tell them


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      i'm sad now

      well I did it and straight away it thought I'd mis spelt
      As my name is Dina Turner
      but I am a famous fashion journalist but that is about it I'm sad to say
      I must get out there and do more!!!!!!!

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      OK, I am so glad I did this!!! My name is Tracey George. Apparently I am a man alot!!!!( I think it turns my name round, I hope it does anyway) I am also a prostitute in minnesota up on legal charges!!!!! but I am a proffesor of law! At least I redeemed myself a bit!!!!!

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      Ok here is me--
      Director of Education and Public Programs, Walters Art Museum, since 2000 and Author of
      Creating Evaluation Anthropology: Introducing an Emerging Subfield

      If you want my autograph pm me

      I really hope we all find better things to do with our lives when we get to OZ

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      I'm a

      1. Business Consultant in Worcester
      2. Senior Project Manager in Melbourne
      3. Chartered Management Accountant (fellow) with an honours degree in business
      4. Acting Director of major projects
      5. Volunteer Athletics Coach

      I didn't realise i had such a varied career

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      Well I actually got 21,900 hits!!!! didn't think i was so popular

      1) Barry Roberts Creative Photography. lenscape panorama monochrome portraits graphics - Well, i do own a camera.
      2) Barry Roberts - Everyone Is Talking About Him - LOL now thats funny!
      3) I'm also hosting something called "All Terrain Ski" - cool.
      4) Barry Roberts is a Chartered Architect based in Hertfordshire, specialising in church buildings - Yeah, i guess i could knock up a decent cathedral with lego.
      5) My acting career includes Legal Tender (1990) and Spider-Man Strikes Back (1978)
      6) A flyweight boxer from Oz!!!
      7) A Chiropractor from Tulsa
      8) A former director of Raleigh International, is the commercial director of Wilderness Medical Training (WMT)
      9) Most Famous For: Deceased Spouse of Tanya Roberts - EHH!!! My niece is called Tanya, and I'm not dead, honestly!
      10) brothers Christopher and Barry Roberts were active members of the BNP who had stood as candidates in the last general election. - Now thats just going too far!!!
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      me according to google

      well after a search

      1. im an author on whiskey (hence the drink problem)
      2. Work at the Newcastle Engineering design centre

      3. Im a cigar buyer ( hence the smoking problem)

      4. was an english criketer born in 1938 (hence the old git!)

      5. A writer of maritime books

      6. A formula vee racing driver
      Ian, Rachel, Harry 16 & Georgia 13

      Arrived in Adelaide 14th June 2008

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      Depending on which version of my name is given, I am an:
      1. Author/ copyrighter
      2. Astronomer
      3. senior Account Planner
      4. A doctor based at University of South Florida
      5. A massage therapist!!!

      1. Sales woman for North American Company
      2. A musical genius
      3. A teacher at Jackson Community College - and Teacher of the Year!!!!!
      4. A saleswoman in London
      5. A woman who signed a Labradoodle guest book - and guess what? That was actually me!!!!!!!!!!!

      Hell I am famous, and I am on page 3, twice!!!!!!!!



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