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    Thread: We're here!

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      Hi all


      Weather is glorious, Tyke. I can't believe it. Very warm. Last night as I was pootling outside at about 9pm I actually needed to put a cardie on - shock!

      Central market was great. From about 1pm apparently there are big savings to be made on fresh fruit and veg adn until we went I couldn't believe quite how much. Well worth a visit. It had a proper market vibe to it.

      We went to Glenelg beach and it was gorgeous. A wonderful day. We are practically opposite tram stop along the route from Glenelg to the city so it is very convenient.

      For basic, read council house circa 1950s. Clean. Painted breeze block walls, vinyl floors (no tacky colours). Beds are good though. Lovely blue mosaic tiles floor in bathroom although old bath. Mismatched crockery and cutlery but it costs $166 including bills. It is cheap and I have stayed in far worse.

      We went to Aldinga last night which looked great (I waved at Tyke as we drove past his neck of the woods but he didn't wave back)! Lots of new building going on there. There is already a development of shops adn health centre etc there and planning consent has been given for another mall, sports facility adn something else. Can't remember what. Looks very prominsing and accosted a poor family in Coles to ask their views. We are off again in a minute to see about rentals in the area.

      I can't type 'and' unless I really concentrate and I am too tired to.

      Goodwood area is nice for shops. Just off stop 11 or 12 on the tram route. We have just found a pottery painting shop which my girls love doing. I haven't met the owners yet but apparently it was started by a British couple a little while ago. Off to gossip.

      Thanks to all who gave tel numbers. I am on Aussie mobile time and will be in touch

      Back again in a few days

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      Hi Libby

      Sounds like you are having fun and having a good look round. Looking forwrad to meeting up at some point after we get there at the weekend 8)

      Still chilling in Singapore til Friday 8) you will probably have a rental sorted by the time we arrive! :lol:


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      oooohhhh, i am so envious.....cant wait until we are there

      enjoy... :D


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      Hi Libby and Gang

      What a great post (including the typing errors!!)

      Pleased you are settling well. Its great to hear from the other side - we are so desperate for news.

      Good luck for the rental.


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