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    Thread: Telling parents we are emigrating

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      Even if your parents take it really well, encourage you to make the move, and are totally supportive you will still feel like you have kicked them in the teeth by moving so far away. You just learn to live with it!

      I think those of us that do emigrate need a certain amount of selfishness in our makeup. Some more than others.
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      So have you told them?If so how did it go?If you haven't told them yet,and you're still expecting tantrums etc,you don't need to stay in that environment.Just say calmly you're not prepared to stay if they act/behave that way,and leave.
      As for posters saying the parents should "let them leave and with full support etc"I would say the majority of parents with older kids (18+)would be upset to see their kids migrating 10,000 miles away.Its hardly a 2 hr trip to Spain is it?When my kids were young,I didn't even think about the possibility of them emigrating.Like most parents it was natural to assume they would be relatively close to me/us.I'm not saying its acceptable to rant and rave,no,just that you can't expect parents (the majority anyway)to be cheering and waving flags.
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