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      nice to read a post like this ..... gives me positives vibes when i'm feeling scared,



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      Good Luck

      Hi, great post, good to hear you are itching to come home...
      good luck with your app, hope they rush it through for you. xxx

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      Thank you Cara. Glad it helped. Good luck with everything

      Thanks also Kat, hope they do as return flight to Oz booked for 13th July - have checked with Singapore airlines re flights in case I need to stay here a week or two longer and they're pretty full for July now Don't think I wait until August

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      alan smallman

      Glad I'm not the only one


      Just read your post with interest after having been back only 3 weeks after our reccie to Adelaide. Our return journey seemed an ordeal compared to our journey out to Oz, though my missus reckons its a psychological thing with us not looking forward to coming back to the UK. Though there wasn't anything psychological about not being able to stretch your legs, the woman who sat next to me wanting all the elbow room, her dropping her buttery knife on my jumper, and somebody in the nearby vicinity who didn't seem to have a problem passing wind in very close company!! The flight crew didn't seem that friendly either.

      Got Back immediately to rain and it hasn't stopped since! Except for one day when the sun broke through for half a morning. It's just grey and cold. Went to Peterborough to drop daughter off at the train station to go back to London (where she studies). Had a diesel leak and had to leave car there longer than the allowed 'drop-off' time. Didn't fancy getting a fine through the post, so I though I'd let someone know I wasn't purposely hanging about and was only waiting for the RAC to come and fix the car. Went into the Estates office and Politely asked if this was the place responsible for car parks. The guy's immediate response was; "Why? What's yer problem?!". He was so negative and aggressive (though he calmed down after my explanation). Decided to have a cup of British Rail coffee to pass the time - it was like dishwater - not like the coffee and cake sessions we had got used to whilst we were over 'there'. It was served by an unhelpful, surly, long-faced teenager who couldn't be bothered to raise a smile. "Sugar's there if yer wannit" was all she could muster! Why is it that everywhere you go wether it's a clothes store in Adelaide or a small Bakery in Glenelg, a Gas Station in Brighton, or asking directions from a couple of Traffic Wardens in the City (nice to see them dressed in light blue instead of officious black), everyone greets you with a (genuine) smile and friendly manner, and goes out of their way to talk to you and be helpful? On the way back from Peterborough, because she was only going 60mph (on a 60mph road) she was overtaken by a middle-aged chap who couldn't resist showing his annoyance at our keeping in the speed limit, by making a particularly crude hand gesture to her as he overtook.

      Aaaaah - sure is great to be back in England!!! Apologies for going on, but I feel better for that now. Can't explain the relief I felt when the guy from the Estate Agent came round to put our For Sale notice up!! Just need to keep taking big breaths for a few more months.

      Feel better for that - soz going on, going to bed now to dream of warm autumn days, pleasant folk, good service, and a 'can-do' culture.


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      The people and their attitude here were one of the biggest reasons for us moving here.
      We worked in retail for years in the UK and were at the "sharp end of things"
      Some people were genuinely surprised by our warm and friendly attitude - right attitude - wrong country!!


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