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    Thread: Just back from visiting family and doing our reccie...

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      Just back from visiting family and doing our reccie...

      Well, just back from our trip to Adelaide in order tovalidate mine and daughterís permanent visas, visit husbandís family and do ourreccie. Here are my observations:
      In short, we had an amazing time, fell in love with theplace all over again and didnít want to return home. Got out and about andvisited lots of places whilst there, looked at suburbs etc. Leisure wise I thought thatcycling part of the Riesling trail in the Clare Valley was amazing and a greatactivity for all the family. Belair National Park was another highlight. Wealso enjoyed The Big Rocking Horse at Gumeracha which incorporates apetting/feeding farm and is great value for money.
      Did quite a bit of food shopping whilst there and I do thinkthat although some goods are about the same as the UK in price, that in themain, things are slightly more expensive. I know that this may be offset byslightly higher wages, but I think until you can compare the exact same wage inthe UK and South Australia and the percentage of the wage that the item representsit is hard to compare scientifically.
      However, I do think that the answer may lie in gaining experienceof where to buy things and adjusting your shop to buy fruit and veg which is inseason. For example, I had to buy anumber of greetings cards whilst I was there, I bought them from thesupermarket and thought they were relatively expensive. Shortly after I spottedsome nice greeting cards for a fraction of the price at another shop. I alsopaid $11 for a bag of grapes because I didnít check the price and realisedlater they were imported from the US and must be out of season currently inAustralia.
      The only other slight moan I have is re driving. I just donítthink that drivers in South Australia are as courteous as drivers in the UKwhich I canít believe is the case! Letting another car out or moving over whilst another car joins thecarriageway or raising a hand in thanks when someone does that for you seem tobe alien concepts. The amount of middle-lane hoggers is unbelievable as well.
      Suburb wise, we are looking to locate to the north ofAdelaide to be relatively close to my husbandís family. Although it was not on my list of favouritesbefore we did the reccie, we really like Redwood Park and will be looking tobuy there and so would be interested to hear any views about the locality fromanyone with experience of that area and itsí kindergartens and schools.
      So, we are planning to leave here in September 2016 and moveover. Lots to do between now and then, going into it with eyes wide open, but really feel that it is the right decision for us and we're feeling good about it.
      Husband is Australian, we met Adelaide 2005. He moved to England with me, been here 10 years and making plans to move to Adelaide in 2016. We have a 3 year old daughter. Permanent Partner Visa 100 Granted 20/03/2015! Most recent visit in July 2015. Moving over May 2016.

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      What a lovely update. We considered Redwood Park as a place to live but ruled it out on the basis of it not being close enough to the city or my mother in law or something (or possibly because I'd pretty much decided I liked Rostrevor and was ruling out anywhere we could afford that wasn't here). Not sure about schools around there though. We were more concerned about high schools when we looked as my eldest was in year 5 when we moved over but that is less of a concern for you at the moment. I do know that there is a kid that goes to childcare at my youngest's primary school during the holidays that lives at Redwood Park and goes to the primary school there. My son says he does this because he used to go to the school and the OSHC at Redwood Park is terrible. I have no idea how true this is though.
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