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      To those worried about insects in Oz!!!!!

      To anyone who is concerned about insects in Oz, I can only say that I am the worst of them all. I regularly Mortein bomb and spray the house. However, I can hand on heart say that I have definately seen hundreds more insects of all types here in the UK in the last two weeks than I have seen in the last two years in OZ Loads and loads of woodlice, ants, spiders, earwigs, toads etc.!?! I never really noticed them before but can now hear myself say to my mum over and over that she is crazy to think we have more over in Australia. OK some are known to be dangerous but although I have seen huntsman and red backs they leave you alone and eat all the other ones. Also at least they are big enough to see! There seems to be loads of those little spiders here in the UK and they seem to be getting everywhere

      Sorry to go on but this trip back to the UK has really opened my eyes! Next time the guy who cuts our grass tries to shock me I can say so they don't bother me now. He always laughs at me in true aussie fashion and wondered why I was so bothered about them.

      Sarahsmartiepants should also be pleased when she cuts my hair as I always mention them. Won't be now Sarah I'll be talking about all the bugs in the UK

      There seem to be loads of lizard ornaments here at the moment too. I feel so good saying I wouldn't need one of those we get the real thing back home in the garden and the blue tongues are so great to look at!

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      Thanks 4 That Makes Me Feel Better Xxx



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