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      Airport goodbyes are a definate no no!!!!

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      I have to agree with most people when we left adelaide last year to come back to the uk my family came to see us off which we thought was great but lookin back wished we had gone on our own it was hard on everyone especially the kids who were a bit taken aback by all the cryin' .We are returning to adelaide this year and have told all our family and friends we will be saying goodbye the day before no matter how much they insist. It is too much to expect you to start a long haul flight emotionally drained and it may freak the kids out abit try and stick to your guns and explain why you want to do it this way.
      Good luck dina

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      Hi - We had both our sets of parents at the airport.........Id put a similar note on the forums myself before flying and had mixed responses, but the majority didnt think it was a good idea............................ however, both our parents were adamant that they'd be there to see us all off (make sure we'd definitely gone!.lol)...it was very emotional for all, including our 2 daughters. But as soon as we were through to departure, the tears were gone and we were all excited.

      I think its emotional where ever you say goodbyes - I was worse saying goodbye to my sister at home.

      For us, we had to listen to what our parents wanted as well.......its all horses for courses, but its difficult whatever.

      Chris, Sarah, Molly & Phoebe - Arrived in Adelaide 21st August 2007, Living in Moana


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